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Nov 24, 2003 01:01 AM

comments or recommendation on IMPERIAL BUFFET

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I am thinking of celebrating my wedding anniversary at Imperial Buffet @ Warden/Eglinton or Dufferin/Steeles partly due to price and good word of mouth. Can anyone give me any suggestions or reviews? Which location is better? Are there any other choices as well?

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  1. Go back to end of Sept-early Oct here for rec's. And happy a/v.

    1. Hi Rosalynn,

      We went to the Warden/Eglinton location shortly after it opened and really enjoyed the experience. Pleasantly surprised that the food was good. My only issue was that they didn't have a liquor license at the time, and I don't know if they do now or not.

      Please post a review of your experience afterwards, as I'd like to go again soon and hope that it's still good.



      1. Does anyone know if they have crab legs? My kids eat piles of them.

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          Bora Gratilskilsky

          I've been to the one on Dufferin/Steeles last Sat. I like their food especially their BBQ ribs...they're so tender hmm hmm. They have crab legs but I didn't try them but they look quite good. Can't believe the variety for a measly $13.99. They seem to have a good deal goin on.....figures from the long line up ....almost 30 mins wait... hostess had bad attitude though.


          1. re: Bora Gratilskilsky

            I recently tried the Imperial Buffet at Eglinton & Warden. It was astoundingly bad. Every dish I tried was either greasy or tasteless, or both.The ribs were OK, but I wouldn't go to a Chinese buffet for that. Only go if you have a crab leg addiction. Me, never again.

          2. re: beth

            Hi Beth,

            I'm a total gorger when it comes to crab legs, and Imperial Buffet has them. When we went, I think I went through at least 4 plates of the legs (with claws!). I don't know if they're like the Manarin though, in that they only serve them on the weekends.


            1. re: Sierramum

              The Chief Operating Officer of Red Lobster was fired because customers were gorging on all-you-can-eat crabs and the company lost something like $3.3 million in one quarter.

              1. re: nutella

                Oh yeah, that was hilarious. Check out the Wall Street Journal article.


              2. re: Sierramum

                This Imperial Buffet place sounds promising! However, I've checked out their website, and the menu appears kind of small compared to places like China Buffet King. Do they have a large selection?

                And hey, leave some crab legs for the rest of us! ;-)

                1. re: Dinoribs

                  LOL Dinoribs! I figure since my hubby doesn't eat crab legs, I'll just have *his* portion.

                  As to their menu, it seemed comparable to the Mandarin's. At least, the last time I was there it seemed so.

                  nutella and Bistrobob: Wow, I didn't know that about Red Lobster! I've actually eaten there during those types of promotions but never opted for them. Don't know why, just seems different from buffets I guess.

            2. My experiences with Imperial Buffet are not very recent (ie. 2 years ago) - but I generally thought the quality was not bad for a buffet.

              Most recently, I've been heading to the Mandarin on Woodbine between Steeles and Hwy. 7 whenever I get in that binging mood. It's not bad, and when I go for lunch, I think it's like $7.95 which is very affordable. Though at lunch you don't the crab legs you are seeking. You may on weekend evenings though.

              There used to be a buffet at Hwy. 7 and Warden - Great Eastern Buffet or something like that. They went out of business in and around the SARS scare. Their buffet was promising - I especially liked the noodle soup in broth - you could add all sorts of seafooods, wontons, and assortment of veggies. Very yummy. Does anyone know what is there now?