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best chinese in markham

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I am new to markham and looking for good chinese food in markham. My favourite in Richmond Hill was Choice of the Orient on Yonge and Weldrick
but I don't know of any in Mrkham dispite there being hundreds of them
Please give name and location tried the thai/ ,malaysin form this list, called Coconut Island restaurant at 7 and keenedy cheap and excellent. thai red curry made fresh every day from 20 herbs the woman told me!

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  1. Kenny Noodle (technically, Scarborough).....in plaza south of Steeles Ave., 2 lights east of Kennedy Rd.
    Make a right at the 2nd light, then a right at the 1st plaza entrance. Kenny Noodle's right there at the corner.

    1. best to me would be Magic Wok on 4331 14th ave (14th and Kennedy). They're only open for dinner hours and a reservation is recommended. Even then you still have to wait, but it's definitely worth it.

      (905) 305-6088

      Ambassador and Bayview Garden in Richmond Hill are good too, but that's not exactly in Markham.

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        Frances in Toronto

        One of my favourite places to go at Warden & Hwy 7 (in First Markham Place) is "Ding Tai Fung", which is a shanghai style restaurant (rather than cantonese or hong kong style).

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          I second Ding Tai Fun. I have a little Shanghainese Blood in me and I have to say their Soup filled wontons are as Close to what I can find in Hong Kong as it gets....

        2. When I am in the area I always love to go to Sam Woo BBQ just south of Warden & Steeles in the Bamburgh Circle plaza. I used to live across the street, but now I have moved quite a ways away so unfortuantely it is now a bit of a hike.

          Excellent food. Admittedly sometime the service is a little off - but the quality of the food is really consistant. Their lemon chicken is the best that I have ever found!

          There is also a seafood spot (also a Sam Woo) in the same plaza but admittedly I have never been. It is my understanding that it is quite good as well.

          Let us know what you find!

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            The service can be especially bad sometimes. I think they know they have good BBQ and are popular....so if they lose 1 customer or 2.....who cares???!??

          2. I second Magic Wok. The name is sort of misleading; it sounds like it belongs in a food court. But the food is outstanding.

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              tell me more about Magic Wok - thinking about going there tomorrow night... what are the prices like - what is the best thing to order?

            2. Chinese... Well that's a big category really. For Dim Sum, I recommend Spring Villa. (Woodbine and Denison) For dinner, you have tons of choices really. O Mei on Hwy 7 and Valleymede. (Go for the authentic Chinese) Ambassador seems to be People's Choice. I prefer a nice Richmond Court (Time Square and Chambers Gate.) for a more casual experience.
              As for Malaysia/Thai, Try Restaurant Malaysia inside the plaza at the southeast corner of major Mackenzie and Bayview. The plaza made look old, it's brand new inside. (They have a really nice specialty milky tea. try it!)

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                It's actually called Restoran Malaysia, not Restaurant Malaysia. Granted, Restoran is the malay word for Restaurant, but still. :)

                1. re: kwong

                  Was in the neighbourhood last week and Restoran looked like it wasn't opened. Is it gone or just undergoing renos? Pity.. the other Malaysian place Satay Ria at Pacific Mall is gone too. There's only Coconut Island left.

                  1. re: mellie

                    with regards to Restoran Malaysia, they were undergoing renovations.

                    The renovations are now complete and it is very trendy looking inside (dark woods, sculptures, indirect lighting, etc)

                    Toward the later stages of the renovations they were open but it was not obvious from the outside.

              2. Restoran Malaysia foods caters only to Canadians. Most of my Malaysian friends dont go there. Not authentic.

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                1. re: ianizukawa

                  Well, where do they go instead? It's more authentic than most places I've been to in the GTA (but you are right that it's not authentic).

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                    That's funny, we took a Malaysian exchange student there and they loved it and thought it was good.

                    1. re: Wil

                      Yeah, I took my aunts from Malaysia there. They said it was not entirely authentic, but the differences were VERY minor. They also said that despite the minor differences, the food tasted equally as good as the real thing in most cases.

                      Considering they've lived in Malaysia for about 40 years, I trust their judgment on this one. =)

                      Plus, having gone to Malaysia myself, I agree with their assessment.

                  2. I agree about restauran malaysia, a few good dishes, but not that authentic. Coconut Island has a decent Roti Chanai from what I remember. We're in the west end now, but unfortunately they've closed our fave little malasian place on Roncessvales.

                    1. Has anyone tried that Din Tai Fung place?

                      Its trying to capitalize on the name of a famous Taiwanese dim sum place, but its supposed to still be pretty good.

                      Has anyone had experience with good HK or Taiwanese dim sum that can confirm or deny how good their Xiao Long Bao is?

                      Its hairy crab season... mmm...

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                      1. re: FoodNazi

                        It's good
                        Their crab and pork dumplings are a farce, stick to the regular pork ones. They're probably the best in the city but i've definitely had better in asia

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                          I've been there twice. Get the juicy pork dumplings. It seems the small ones are really popular. Also, watching what people order, mostly are the dumplings and the soup with dumplings.

                          I've had their Shanghai noodles that were very good.

                          1. re: springhaze

                            I find it has slipped somewhat but is still pretty good. Chive dumplings are also worth a try. I prefer going to Shanghai Xue Yuan nowadays instead for a change (moreso for their dishes).

                            Casa Imperial's dim sum is both high-quality and innovative. Go for dinner as well.

                            Fantasy Eatery...hell yeah! It gets crazy packed though.

                        2. fantasy eatery
                          yum!! cheap and open late. yum yum!
                          it's always packed. they have this fried silk tofu with prince mushroom stirfry. so good and i've never had it anywhere else. the outside of the tofu is crispy and the inside is hot and soft. the flavors in all the dishs are amazing.
                          way better than spadina garden or any of the places downtown

                          1. Totally agree with Chalenegirl! One should also try the 'limited edition' Free range soya chicken. Best in Toronto, hands down.

                            1. Devonshire Place on Steeles (ok, i think it's technically scarborough) is now a chinese restaurant. It was formerly a steakhouse and the decor hasn't changed.

                              Went for dimsum this wkend, definitely some interesting, out of the ordinary choices (i.e. grouper& chive rice noodle roll, tempura squash and prince mushrooms). Not cheap ($110 for 5 ppl).

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                              1. re: superchick

                                re: Devonshire Place...intersection or address please, phone number too if you have. thanks.

                                1. re: LikeTheWolf

                                  Devonshire Place is now:
                                  Casa Imperial Fine Chinese Cuisine
                                  Address : 4125 Steeles Avenue East, Scarborough, ON M1W 3T4
                                  Telephone : 416-756-2788
                                  On Steeles, SE corner at Warden

                              2. Does anyone know of a dim sum place where I can get a bitter melon sesame ball. I had this in Los Angeles. It is a green fried ball (bitter melon) with black sesame paste inside.