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Nov 22, 2003 03:05 PM

best chinese in markham

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I am new to markham and looking for good chinese food in markham. My favourite in Richmond Hill was Choice of the Orient on Yonge and Weldrick
but I don't know of any in Mrkham dispite there being hundreds of them
Please give name and location tried the thai/ ,malaysin form this list, called Coconut Island restaurant at 7 and keenedy cheap and excellent. thai red curry made fresh every day from 20 herbs the woman told me!

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  1. Kenny Noodle (technically, Scarborough) plaza south of Steeles Ave., 2 lights east of Kennedy Rd.
    Make a right at the 2nd light, then a right at the 1st plaza entrance. Kenny Noodle's right there at the corner.

    1. best to me would be Magic Wok on 4331 14th ave (14th and Kennedy). They're only open for dinner hours and a reservation is recommended. Even then you still have to wait, but it's definitely worth it.

      (905) 305-6088

      Ambassador and Bayview Garden in Richmond Hill are good too, but that's not exactly in Markham.

      1. f
        Frances in Toronto

        One of my favourite places to go at Warden & Hwy 7 (in First Markham Place) is "Ding Tai Fung", which is a shanghai style restaurant (rather than cantonese or hong kong style).

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          I second Ding Tai Fun. I have a little Shanghainese Blood in me and I have to say their Soup filled wontons are as Close to what I can find in Hong Kong as it gets....

        2. When I am in the area I always love to go to Sam Woo BBQ just south of Warden & Steeles in the Bamburgh Circle plaza. I used to live across the street, but now I have moved quite a ways away so unfortuantely it is now a bit of a hike.

          Excellent food. Admittedly sometime the service is a little off - but the quality of the food is really consistant. Their lemon chicken is the best that I have ever found!

          There is also a seafood spot (also a Sam Woo) in the same plaza but admittedly I have never been. It is my understanding that it is quite good as well.

          Let us know what you find!

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          1. re: Otonabee

            The service can be especially bad sometimes. I think they know they have good BBQ and are if they lose 1 customer or 2.....who cares???!??

          2. I second Magic Wok. The name is sort of misleading; it sounds like it belongs in a food court. But the food is outstanding.

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            1. re: Tout Garni

              tell me more about Magic Wok - thinking about going there tomorrow night... what are the prices like - what is the best thing to order?