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Nov 22, 2003 02:25 PM

Boiler House

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We went to the Boiler House in the Distillery District Friday night. I thought I would post a report as people were asking about it in earlier posts. Please bear in mind that I am a basic Foodie not an English major. The Boiler House is in a really interesting restored distillery area. It is 2 floors with the top floor being a loft that you can look down to the floor below. There was a jazz band playing. They were not overly loud and the patrons basically ignored them. We resreved a table upstairs but there was a private party so we sat downstairs. Caesar salad ($9)was good with freshly grated cheese. Scallops($12) were also good, served chilled and accompanied by a hot pepper sauce. Oysters ($12)were a disappointment. I had blackened rib steak ($21) which was cooked a bit too much. Friend had the salmon and loved it. Hubby had the striploin ($28) and said it was good. There are no domestic beers there. I had 2 Steam Whistles. We also had a bottle of the Distillery District red wine. Friend had a glass of DD white wine, the portion was very small. The apple crumble ($6.95)was delicious and the bread pudding was to die for. As we are not from Toronto, it was a neat place to go on our weekend visit. If I lived in TO, I would probably take friends from out of town to the District. One caveat, the district advertised being open until 10:00pm but all the little galleries etc. were closed at 9:00pm when we left the Boiler House. Thay might have winter hours. Another caveat - the bathrooms consist of individual rooms with plain wooden doors in two long rows. You can tell it's vacant by a little green bar on the door - hard to find and kind of weird. Also men and ladies use the same bathrooms. The one I went in was not very tidy.

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    Mississauga Matt

    Steam Whistle IS a domestic beer; it's made at the Roundhouse at the base of the CN Tower.

    Also domestic are the beers of the Mill Street Brewery from across the alley, as is Michael Hancock's excellent Denison's Weissbier.

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      The Steam Whistle was tasty. Who is Michael Hancock?

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        Mississauga Matt

        Michael used to run the Denison's/Growler's Pub/Chonchy Joe's brew pubs on Victoria at Richmond, which specialized in German-style beers. That enterprise is sadly gone but Michael is using the facilities at the Mill Street Brewery to brew his world-class Bavarian Weiss. He also collaborated with the Mill Street guys on an Oktoberfest. Both are available at the Distillery District restaurants.


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