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Nov 20, 2003 09:30 PM

Malaysian and Achar Acher

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My significant other has been always telling me wispfully about the time a couple of school friends took him to a little Malaysian place (no closed) that served an Achar Acher salad that he still dreams of to this day. I think it's something similar to Gado Gado, but when we tried one of the Thai places (Satay on the Road), it was a HUGE letdown.

Can anyone recommend an authentic Malaysian place that may serve this?


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  1. This might be out of your way but there's a very good Malaysian restaurant in Richmond Hill called Ming's Malaysian. I don't remember seeing achar acher on their menu but the chef might make it for you upon request. The staff are super friendly.

    Read the attached article for more info. Good luck!


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    1. re: shan

      Great, thanks! I think we'll be checking it out tonight!


      1. re: shan

        Just tried this restaurant tonight. Someone who's never had Malaysian food before might enjoy it, but since I spent the first 14 years of my life in Malaysia, and love the food there, this place was mediocre. Service wasn't good either - our waiter seemed to enjoy jogging around (literally) everywhere he went even though the place was half empty.

        The meal started off and ended poorly - I had otak-otak as an appetizer. This is something I loved when I was a kid..a smooth curry-like dish with fish and wrapped with daun kado. Well, this restaurant decided to place fish in a spring roll wrapper and deep fry it. Blech. For desert, I ordered goreng pisang - no way someone could spoil a ripe banana deep fried in a light batter, right? Wrong...yet again, wrapped in a spring roll skin and deep fried. Not that I have anything against spring rolls, but that's NOT WHAT I ORDERED!

        1. re: Shane

          I'm sorry to hear you didn't enjoy it. This restaurant is my first Malaysian food experience. I usually have the satay tofu as I love their peanut sauce.

          Can you recommend a good Malaysian restaurant in the GTA?

          1. re: shan

            Yep, Mom's! :D :D :D

            1. re: Shane

              Lol... does your mom happen to have a night where she invites strangers over for dinner or sells her Achar Acher recipe? The recipe would make a great christmas present, methinks :)

          2. re: Shane

            Have you been to Restoran Malaysia at Bayview/Major is that one????

            Also, I read a review about Ming's in the paper the other day......and it characterized Ming's as Chinese-Malaysian (or vice-versa).......maybe explains the use of the spring roll wrappers and the not so good "Malaysian" food.

            1. re: Goober

              I'm planning to check out the Bayview/Major Mac one. My folks enjoyed it, so I think it should be good.

              1. re: Shane

                I've been to Restoran Malaysia several times, and so far it's been my best Malaysian experience in the GTA (haven't been to too many... satay ria in Market village, South-East Asian something something at Midland north of sheppard)

                Their curries are delicious and full of flavour, and they always have a vegetarian special on the board. I still haven't found the perfect laksa lemak...

            2. re: Shane

              I went there last week with my boyfriend to try it, and it was alright, but nothing special to crow about. I loved my dish (steamed chicken with ginger), but that was definitely more Chinese than Malaysian. The satay + sauce was great, but there was no Achar Acher, and when we spoke to 2 waiters, one didn't know what it was and the 2nd one said it was only served in Malaysia on special holidays! I think we'll try Mata Hari next, since they have Achar Acher on the menu actually.

          3. There is a (?)Malaysian restaurant on Baldwin St called Mata Hari which has Achar Achar on the menu. Unfortunately they were out of it when I ate there this week so I can't tell you about the quality.

            1. A great Malaysian place is Gourmet Garden in Scarborough - not sure of the exact address, but it is on the south side of Sheppard west of McCowan (416-332-8765). Sort of like a food court, but very cheap and good. Singapore laksa with the skinny white noodles is delicious, and the mee goreng is yummy. Lots of good stuff on the menu - good for take out (call ahead to avoid waiting). Ask for the green chilies to accompany your meal. Closed on Tuesdays. Next door on the right side is a Chinese bar-b-q place that sells delicious and CHEAP tofu and sauce - a huge box for $2.00.