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Nov 19, 2003 05:18 PM

Restaurants & Pubs in High Park area

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Hi, I'll be moving into the High Park area. Wondering what the good neighbourhood restaurants are, for various types of cuisine. Also, are there any Irish Pubs around there?

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  1. For an extensive list of Celtic (Irish, Scotch, Welsh)pubs in Toronto and elsewhere, go to

    1. There is a decent Irish pub on the south side of Bloor just east of High Park, before Dundas. But I can't remember the name.

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        I think you may be referring to Whelan's Gate? Small but wonderful. Tasty food, good beer.

        Another rec if you're looking for a good breakfast is the Sunset Grill @ Runnymede & Bloor. Always a wait (generally not too long), especially Sunday mornings but worth it.

      2. There should also be something in the Bloor West Village area. It's not Irish, but Lemon Meringue is worth checking out.

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          I second the recommendation for Lemon Merengue, and would add Amber (on Bloor closer to Jane) to the list. It is a basic Polish eatery, very no-frills, but the food is good (basic staples like cabbage rolls, borscht, schnitzel dinners etc) and inexpensive. Licensed.

          For a quick non-fancy lunch, my favourite is Bread and Roses, where you can get one of their always good daily soups (cucumber, barley, potato, cabbage etc), a turkey sandwich with real turkey meat and cranberry sauce, good meat pies, or zapiekanka (a Polish street snack that I have not seen here anywhere else - it's basically a baguette toasted with a mixture of sauteed mushrooms and some shredded cheese - nothing special, but takes great and makes me wish we had more fast food like this on Toronto streets).

        2. Not from the area but have visited a few times, favorite place so far would be the Rebel Chop House. Not Irish but lots of great micro beers. I believe it had better and different food then the average pub - if I remember correctly I had a fairly tasty boar/venison tourtiere? - was enjoying the beer more at the time so I'm not positive.

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            Rebel Chop House is where we eat more than anywhere else in Bloor West Village (well, actually, more than anywhere else in the world). We live in the neighbourhood & it's where we go when we are too tired to cook. They have a good list of specials every day as well as a regular menu. There is a good range of nicely cooked and well presented dishes, and standard pub fare is also available. Their mussels are fresh and tasty & come with a different sauce every day (some, like the jerk sauce, are less successful than others, imhho); although they are billed as a main, we usually share them as an appetizer. The daily pasta special is often quite inventive & usually good, though portions seem to be a little smaller than they once were. Nice ambiance, friendly & clean, not too loud (unless it's really packed), wooden-topped tables in a variety of sizes, solid-feeling cutlery (one of my bugaboos). Sometimes a little too much smoke drifts in from the bar. Good beer: black oak pale, maudite, and many others on tap.