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St Clair/Yonge Sushi?

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Anyone know of good, inexpensive sushi (or possibly other Asian food) at St Clair/Yonge area for a quick weekday lunch? Thanks!

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  1. Sushi Garden in the Deslisle Court shops at Yonge just south of Heath. Good value, good sushi and bentos.

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      I'll second the recommendation for Sushi Garden. They have a very nice selection (variety) and their special rolls are yum! I work on Merton Street but will walk down to Sushi Garden on occasion.

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      Frances in Toronto

      There are no good sushi places at Yonge and St. Clair, but if you walk up to Yonge & Davisville (around the 1900 block) you will find Sushi Supreme, which is pretty decent. The bento boxes aren't great but the sushi combos are good and the fish is always fresh.

      1. There is a pretty cheap Sushi place south of St. Clair, on the the west side of Yonge called Xtra Wasabi. Terribly nice young couple running the place, with many Vegetarian options.

        Also, just tried Circle - was listing itself as Thai but half of the stuff is Vietnamese. Pricier than your average Vietnamese place, but the Tomato Lemongrass PHO is very recommendable.

        1. I've been going to Takara Sushi lately -- just north of St. Clair on the west side of Yonge. I think it's a bit pricier, but each time i've gone the fish is extremely fresh. I think the good days to go are Tuesdays and Fridays. They have some fun rolls too -- i think better if you ask for them spicy!

          1. I tried Takara Sushi today after work and was not that impressed. Yes, the fish is fresh but the sushi and rolls had no flavour. Also the service was bad. I went there on my own and there were 3 waitresses, it took forever to get them to serve me and get a refill on my tea.

            I will not be going back and will try Sushi Garden next time.

            1. I tried Sushi Garden and was not impressed (yet again). I tried the spicy salmon roll and the 10pc sushi set.

              Any other recommendations??

              1. Yonge and St.Clair has no good sushi. Either hike up to Yonge and Davisville for Sushi Supreme or Echo Sushi, or just forgo it.

                Echo Sushi also has a very interesting roll make with RED glutinous rice. I dont think it's on the menu, so you have to ask for it. Really interesting flavour, reminiscent of wild rice or barley.

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                  Oddly enough, the one place in the Yonge & Davisville area that never seems to get any mention is I zu. Personally never had a bad experience there, and I have taken several friends over who agree with me on that.

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                    I went there once 5 years ago. The food is decent. But hte prices are REALLY high compared to sushi supreme and echo sushi.