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Nov 18, 2003 02:50 PM

Distillery District Reviews?

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Hi all,

I'm sure you've reviewed the Distillery District restaurants, but I can't find subject headings on the same as I scroll through the message board. Could you provide me with a link to past reviews, or even update me on what any of you have thought of the establishments there as recently as this fall?


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  1. The Boiler House has been reviewed if you search that. There are also reviews on of restaurants in the Distillery District.

    1. I live fairly close to the Distillery and have been to two restaurants there -- The Boiler House and the cheaper, Italian one.

      Both were very average. The Boiler House is a huge venue, and probably better for drinks and appetizers than a sit down menu. They have live jazz on most nights so it gets pretty loud with the two level open space. Just went to a dinner for 12 recently there and the service was painfully slow. I had crabcakes that didn't seem to have very much of the frozen, dry crab in them, a "duck confit" that was not duck confit at all -- no joke, it was a bony leg of duck that was fried to a charred crisp on some bitter spinach. Apple crisp for dessert was a microwaved bowl of goo. Having said that, I've had drinks there and nibbled on a salad w/ giant prawns and it was flavourful, fresh and well presented.

      The Italian place has standard fare, pizzas, paninis, and a selection of ten or so standard pastas -- a gnocchi, several pasta bakes (very dry), and a couple of specials. The antipasto platter contained mostly items from a jar (i.e.grey, wimpy mushrooms in water) and coldcuts you could get a grocery store. Their serving portions are really large so quantity trumps quality.

      Geez, did I say they were average? They were both below average. However, the restaurants are all large enought that getting a table isn't a problem and during the summer, there is a ton of outdoor space.

      Perigee just opened up and I'm giving that a go in two week's time so I'm optimistic as this is not part of the three-restaurant conglomerate at the Distillery.

      1. I went to The Boiler House when it first opened and gave it a cautiously good review. I've since been told by many friends that it's become more of a party-on-dude place than a restuarant. If you want to eat, go early....

        Had a Prix Fixe pre-theatre meal at Pure Spirits Oyster House during Cavalia which was ok, but nothing special.

        The rave Globe review on Perigee made me want to go. Hope it's good!

        1. I had a group of 50 for dinner for our "Viva! A Carmen (Opera) Throwdown" at the Boiler House when it was 10 days old. Our bill was quite high as the wines recommended by the waitress were exuberantly priced. We didn't find out until we received the bill. The food was 50/50. It was either pretty okay or horribly bad.

          Desserts were pretty abysmal. Each of our 3 tables came up to $800 each. Wasn't worth the money for a place finding its sea legs.

          This time, am having a larger party on Dec 5. Going to opt for the lesser price Pasta Bar for dinner and will have a larger group join us for drinks at the Boiler House.

          I think that would be a safer bet.

          I do know that Rene, the chef, had turned things around since the 10 day old dinner experience. Been hearing nice things about BH.

          I would recommend Pure Spirits for dining if you're looking forward to spending time at The Distillery. Menu is better-priced. It's been opened longer and food is more consistent.

          Heard great things about Perigree. Can't wait.

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