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Nov 18, 2003 12:09 PM

Any really good restaurants in the Beach?

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My husband and I live five minutes from Queen Street near Main, and we almost always end up leaving the area when we eat out. I've lived down here all my life, and I think the only places nearby that I like are The Feathers and Ed's Real Scoop, and there's a limit to the amount of pub food and ice cream that I should eat. Am I missing something? I know Bonjour Brioche is very nice but it's not within strolling-for-dinner range, and even El Sol is a bit far by foot (we don't have a car), and I'd love to find out about any great places we've missed.

Oh, yeah, The Sunset Grill is good, too, but as I said above, I should limit my grease intake (although I may eat lunch there tomorrow..)

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    Guy Middleton

    Sauvignon, at Queen and Rainsford, is very nice. They call themselves a bistro, but the food is a bit more adventurous than the usual bistro fare. A nice selection of wines, and a calm relaxing room with tasteful subdued lighting.

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    1. re: Guy Middleton

      I second Sauvignon. But any local will insist this is too far west to be in the Beach!

      1. re: estufarian

        Yes, but Bonjour Brioche is way, way, way too far east to count and El Sol much too far north. I think the OP would be OK with things in the Beaches and immediately surrounding area.

    2. There are two other good spots on Kingston Road - Corvina (Hungarian) and Copperpipe Pizza. I have been to both places a number of times and I have always enjoyed myself.

      Copperpipe serves thin crust pizza and different Italian sandwiches, pasta etc. I know they do half price pizza on Tuesday, but be warned - sometime the service is spotty, especially when it is really busy!

      Corvina has an excellent Chicken Parpikash (sp?) and it probably the best spots around for serious comfort food for the middle of the winter. The owners are really nice and very accomodating.

      If you need contact info for either spot let me know!


      1. Have you tried Jean's Thai Kitchen on Danforth, between Main St and Woodbine? I think it's on the north east corner of Oak Park and Danforth. I like El Sol too, but everytime I've been, the service took a long time.

        1. - On Queen, East of Woodbine (opposite Lick's) there is a small place called Urban Thai Bistro. The food is really good, especially the vegetarian stuff (but it all is good) and it's well priced and friendly. Int he summer they have a patio at the back. It's not usually too busy.

          - If you want the best Sushi in Toronto (and i'm not the only one who thinks so!) I suggest Otabe. It is at the far east end of Queen where the Street Car stops. It is worth the little walk though. They are very friendly and know most people on a first-name basis.

          - For a quick, cheap meal go to Dang De Lion, also near Licks. They are also really friendly and the food is good (the other 2 above I would try first though).

          1. Best wings in the city are at "The Grover" Kingston rd (north side, east of Main) - a comment like this may invite some scrutiny, but I'm biased after growing up here (but the wings are fantastic).

            Vi Vetha at nursewood and queen is delightful.
            Corvina (Kingston Rd. east of Pickering) scored points with me - great description Otonabee (serious comfort food)
            Happy Sailor (Queen west of Lee) has great burritos (as does Cyote Willie's Queen west of Broadview)

            Best brunch around is Bonjour Brioche (Queen east of broadview)

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            1. re: beachdemon

              Can you tell more about Vi Vehta? Always wondered about it.

              1. re: KitchenVoodoo

                Very quaint little place, I have enjoyed almost every dish I had there. Very hospitable staff as well. I recommend calling for a reservation too. Tuesdays they have a very reasonably priced prix fixe menue. The food was a little eclectic, not to crazy thought, pastas, seafoods, meats with a slight flare (but not over the top). The apps were nice too - baked brie with chutney stands out in my mind. I also hear that the brunch is great and very reasonable. They have a fairly limited wine list, but some decent bottles and very reasonably priced. Hope that helps.

                1. re: beachdemon

                  I would totally recommend Vi Vetha. Excellent food and very hospitable staff. I went on a weekday with 2 other parents with babies and the staff really went out of their way to help us. I had the wild mushroom salad which was excellent! Overally, the food was tasty and fresh and the prices were prety good too.

                  I have noticed a couple of better restaus in the Beach lately. So far Vi Vetha, Pomegranate and Shenanigans have all proven themselves to be excellent spots.

              2. re: beachdemon

                I know theres been a lot of posts on Corvina, but what I want to know is if they have really good perogies?

                1. re: hungryabbey

                  I haven't eaten the perogies, but had the gulash and really liked it. (the dumplings were great, so hopefully the perogies will be too.) Sorry I couldn't give you more on the perogies.

                  1. re: hungryabbey

                    Perogies aren't Hungarian so they definitely wouldn't be my #1 pick at a Hungarian restaurant!