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Nov 17, 2003 11:08 PM

Filipino Food

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Know where I can get filipino food like Goldilocks? I miss all the baked goods. I know they have a store in Vancouver. But, what about TO?

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  1. That would be Remely's. A very popular Filipino place in Scarborough. Take 401 east/west. Exit at McCowan Rd. Head north. Make a right on Sheppard Ave East. The plaza to your left, just before the next stoplight has a Tim Horton's. Toward the back of the plaza is Remely's. The store right next to it also has baked goods but they are usually not as fresh.

    Since you are in the area. You can continue heading east on Sheppard Ave E from there. After Progress Ave, there will be a three way intersection. After that intersection, there will be a set of traffic lights with a plaza on your right side. Make a turn at the traffic lights. There is a Filipino store there called "Barrio Fiesta."

    There is one more well known one called "Gold Ribbon." It is at the border between Scarborough and Markham. Take 401 east/west. Exit at Kennedy Rd. Head north past Finch Ave East.

    Try this map for exact location

    The good place about Gold Ribbon is they have a separate area for baked goods. The reason being they have a very good pastry chef who works in-house. I believe he has his own store somewhere else in the city.

    This should fill you up in the mean time! Have fun!

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      Gold Ribbon is very Goldilocks-like, especially with their pastries. I'm sure you'll like them. In terms of food and service, I actually prefer Gold Ribbon over Remely's.

      You might also want to check out Golden Valley. It's a combination Filipino grocery and cafeteria. Although they don't make any pastries, they do have a good selection coming from other sources. It's at Principal Road, southeast of Warden and Ellesmere.

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        Golden Valley has what I haven't seen in alot of other Filipino restaurants/take-outs, and that's lechon (roast pig).

        Remely's has lechon kiwali (fried pork, lechon style)...but is only good for a quick fix. However, their homemade liver sauce for the lechon is so fresh and so good.

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        Sorry, here is the URL for the location of Gold Ribbon

        Link: http://www.toronto.com/map?mode=geo&a...

      3. there are several philipino stores at the St. Clair/Bathurst intersection. One of them - a few store fronts north on Bathurst - identifies itself as a bakery. I haven't been but they have been around for a while and it is an area where a lot of Philipina domestic workers live, so they probably cater to this population. Might be worth a try.

        1. There is a place called fantasy or village or something nrelated to phillipines in burlington- guelph line and new street piazza that has comparable food. goldilocks was the best!

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            Thanks to everyone who replied. I went and tried all the places recommended.

            My heart still belongs to 'Goldilocks' and 'Red Ribbon Bake Shop'. We need quality places like these in TO.

            Filipino food is just too good for people not to know about. =)

            What's your fave filipino dish? =)