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Nov 17, 2003 02:22 PM

Yummy Taiwanese lunch in Scarboro

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Beef Noodle Restaurant, 4271 Sheppard Ave East
(at Glen Watford, between Brimley and Midland,
on the South side).

I had been to this plaza many times to have Vietnamese soup at the Pho Hoa and this time decided to try one of the two Chinese places there (the other one is Congee King). My companion and I were very impressed with two delicious lunch specials, beef with chili sauce and fish fillets with eggplant and garlic; $6.95 each including a decent hot and sour soup and steamed rice. Lots of interesting sounding things on the menu, that I didn't get to try, such as sliced pork on pancake, Taiwan style brown meat noodle soup, oxtail in brown sauce, pork internal delicacies (!), Sa-Chia beef, pickled vegetables and tripe soup, and many more. Friendly and efficient service.

Be warned, when they say a dish is hot (see beef with chili sauce above), they mean it.

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  1. I agree! This place is yummy. You would never tell from the exterior that this place is packed.

    I know this is not a Taiwanese dish - but their sweet and sour pork is excellent.