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Nov 17, 2003 01:45 PM

New Loblaws Indian foods.

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Has anyone tried Loblaws new PC Indian dishes like butter Chicken etc? They were in the recent insiders report and I went to buy some yesterday but they were already sold out!

I know this isn't a gourmet question but sometimes one does have to eat at home. Right?

I'm going back tonight to see if the new delivey (as promised) has come in. I shall prevail!

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  1. PC Indian food, huh? I bet it won't be half bad. Their forays into exotica have been, on the whole, successful and somewhat delicious for those who must eat at home occasionally.

    I will certainly be interested. Let us know. Thanks.

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      Mississauga Matt

      I too went looking for the butter chicken and found it sold out. I picked up a box of the other chicken-based Indian dish - can't remember its name - and it was very good, although it could have used a bit more heat.

      1. Tried the Butter Chicken. Very disappointed - by far the strongest flavour was tomato (chicken in tomato sauce).
        The Chicken Korma is in my freezer. May try tonight.

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        1. re: estufarian

          Blast. I'll probably try it anyway, and pick up some of the other indian stuff. I was hoping it would be good.

          I picked up one of the chocolate cakes on Sunday, and we'll eat it tonight. They used to carry a flourless chocolate cake maybe eight years ago, and stopped. I remember it being good, and I hope the one I'm about to eat measures up. Anyone else trying it?

          1. re: lissar

            I'll be trying it, the former version was very good, we used to serve it with a raspberry coulis.

            My husband laughed at me when I spotted the Sticky Toffee Puddings. I stood in front of the freezer and gushed "Oh, the puddings are back!!" I hope they're as good as when they first appeared.

            I wish they'd bring back their frozen Creme Brulee, they were really good, and you didn't have to figure out what to do with all those egg whites.

            1. re: Middydd

              The toffee puddings are fabulous, just as good as they were before. My son and I polished off one the other night.

            2. re: lissar

              We just ate a quarter of it, with heavy cream poured over. I might be able to manage another piece today if I force myself. ;) It's very good, although it would be better if the chocolate were less sweet. The texture is very smooth, and all in all I think it's as good as the old ones were.

              President's choice made creme brulee and I never tried it?! Oh, the pain!

              1. re: lissar

                They were frozen in tin foil cups and came with a separate package of coarse brown sugar you sprinkled on top and then put under the broiler. Amazingly enough, you ended up with the brittle sugar over slightly cool custard. I thought they were the niftiest.

          2. I tried the PC Thai red curry chicken last night and it was good. Nice curry flavour, tender chicken and the rice cooked beautifully in the micro. Nice surprise.