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Banh Mi in the 905?

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New to the board, and wondering if anyone has any recommendations for banh mi in the 905 area (prefer North Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Markham).

Spadina is too far away to indulge in a banh mi craving!


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  1. Haven't seen it fresh as they do in Spadina area. Usually, the grocery stores have a pre-packaged version which is OK but not great.

    1. Finally something in Brampton. Bahn Mi Brampton Bubble Tea in Kennedy Square at Kennedy and Clarence. Decent sandwich at $2.50. Bahn Mi Queen on the east side of Kennedy north of Queen is gone after a run of just a year or so. Too bad.

      1. The Brampton locations have been covered by Wiggy already. The one that closed wasn't all that great anyways.

        In Mississauga theres:
        Two locations in the Dundas Chinese mall. One is in a bakery facing the big wall and the other is in a small take-out shop that faces Dundas.
        Two locations at Dundas/Constitution. One is in the front of the plaza (Saigon Bakery) and the other is around the back.
        There's a small shop in the mall at Dixie/Bloor.
        T&T Supermarket sells pre-made ones.
        Many, many years ago there was a pho place at Hurontario/King that sold pho and banh mi but I don't think it lasted.

        Saigon is probably the best of that bunch.

        I think that's it for Peel Region.

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          There are a couple of places at Finch and Weston. I realize that this isn't quite the 905 area, but it's not downtown either. Perhaps it's a bit closer for you.

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            Nguyen Huong has an outlet at 3255 Rutherford Rd. Building M#45
            Vaughan, ON L4K 5Y5.


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              Que Huong is at 2437 Finch, unit 12.
              (In the same plaza as Peach Garden.)

              I crave their sandwiches regularly.

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                Not a bad sandwich from Que Huong, the red onions are a nice touch, and $2.00 is still reasonably priced. Lots of places in the 'burbs are $2.50.

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              Excellent. Now I got some places to go. Thanks all.

              I was in the vicinity of the Chinese mall on Dundas last weekend and could smell some great aromas. But, I've not actually been in there for 2-3 years. Anything else in there that's rates a visit?

              <thread drift> Anybody been to the Portuguese grocery just to the east? Got some chorizo there that was not bad.

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                Grant' s food mart at dixie and bloor

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                  More details on this Portuguese place? I'd like to find a place that sells a decent chorizo that I can cook myself.

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                    Tavora, 1030 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON L4Y 2B8 (south side of Dundas, west of Dixie).

                    Its a grocery - fish and meat counter, big selection of olive oil, lots of Portuguese staples. The chorizo I had was the finished ready to eat stuff, but there's also a selection of sausage for cooking. Enough variety that I'll stop in again when I'm in the neighbourhood and see what else there is to try out.

                    There is also a Portuguese bakery/cafe next door that is probably worth a try if you're there anyhow.

                    More detail has to await my next visit unless somebody beats me there.

              2. Mister Baguette

                3255 Rutherford Rd
                Bldg H, Unit 10
                Vaughan, ON L4K 5Y5
                (905) 738-7889

                Mister Baguette
                3255 Rutherford, Thornhill, ON L4K5Y5, CA

                1. FWIW, Oceans supermarket at 410/Queen also sells pre-made ones for $1.99. I doubt they're very good though.

                  1. I don't recall the name, but there is a Viet supermarket at Vaughn Mills. Attached is at Banh Mi store that makes them fresh. There is also pork and chicken besides the regular assorted meat. All are very good. There is a line up most days.

                    Very fresh, cheap and yummy. I think it is the same as one of the Spadina outlets, but don't quote me!

                    Enjoy. I might go tonight and get some for dinner...

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                      that one attached to the supermarket would be nguyen huong and its probably the best one out of the chain!
                      went on a banh mi hunt/diet for the past couple of days... honestly, everytime i ordered extra spicy/cilantro... there would either be extra of one, or none at all... i decided to try the cities vegetarians but then when i arrived at one place and ordered that they gave me assorted. ugh. so then i had to go to all the places again and do assorted to compare them all....

                      worst to best order:

                      ba le at dundas/constitution - im sorry this place is garbage. shit old bread. wilted vegetables. over dressed on the soya salty mystery sauce. there was a mild language barrier with the maker. lady who did speak english was friendly and told her i wanted vegetarian but i ended up throwing it out. $2.25

                      nguyen huong at spadina/dundas - it was pretty busy. ordered spicy assorted. i think she gave me an old one cause they pate was so damn smelly and gross i hate to throw the whole sandwich out. they had a bunch premade. ugh i hate this place and drove all the way there to try this nasty crap $2.00

                      nhu lan at jane/finch - assorted, fresh crispy skin soft inside, good reheated, pate good, good variety of cuts, did not chince on cilantro which was good, too much soya sauce, ordered spicy, got no spice. $2.25

                      banh mi sandwiches at college/dufferin - assorted, long thinner fresh baguette, meh... nice friendly service $2.8

                      nguyen huong at jane/wilson - friendly service, meh. i prefer tung hing

                      banh mi at mississauga chinatown beside thanh son tofu - assorted, doughy bread (but i kind of liked it cause it didnt crispy crust confetti all over the place, mediocre cuts pate and veg, ordered extra spicy, got no spice. meh. $2.25

                      tung hing bakery at jane/wilson - vegetarian, fried noodles and tofu, awesome sauces, fresh veg, she didn't ask if i wanted spice, therefore i didnt get any because i was too occupied looking at breads. definitely like the special sauces they used. $2.00

                      rose's at broadview (prior to its closing, cant wait till it reopens) - fresh. friendly. $2.00

                      my saigon bakery at dundas/constitution - ordered vegetarian, got assorted, there were 2 makers, one was friendly to acknowledge i was there, the other asked if i wanted it spicy, and i said yes extra spicy please. went to the cash. looked at the menu it said $2.25 but the lady told me $2.50. maybe i was too tired. maybe i was jipped. who knows. all in all the sandwich was good even though it didnt come spicy and vegetarian. i really like their house mayo it definitely gave the sandwich a nice taste. but i felt awkward in there not knowling a lick of vietnamese.

                      que huong at weston/finch - awesome service, they make their sandwiches with love :) they put red onions in it. buy 5 get 1 free. $2.00

                      theres another place in same plaza as que huong. called banh mi thanh (sp?), i wanted veg but they said no, so i walked out.

                      still gotta try le? at dupont, im going to skip ba le and the one beside nguyen huong in chinatown. any other recommendations? maybe ginger. i think id rather save my 2 bucks and spend 50 cents on making my perfect banh mi.

                    2. there's a nguyen huong beside the T&T @ markham & steeles. they premake the assorted one but you can ask for it fresh. all the other sandwiches are made fresh. pretty decent, not too far off from the ones downtown in my opinion.