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Nov 13, 2003 11:48 AM

Ethnic in Rosedale?

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I am currently working in the Rosedale area - right near the Summerhill Liquor store on Yonge Street (the train station). This is a totally white white white neighbourhood with the same lunch selections everywhere. Overpriced sandwiches,soup everywhere. (Patichou, All the Best Fine Foods, Togo etc.) At one place called TOGO I can get a grilled chicken breast (and just the chicken breast) for $9.00!!! I love ethnic food and would kill for Vietnamese or Chinese, Indian even Italian etc. Does anyone have any ideas for this area where I could find a decently priced lunch that is not just a sandwich.

Thanks for listening to my little rant!

Sad in Rosedale.

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  1. For Italian, walk up Yonge towards St Clair. There's Boccone & Terroni on the west side, just before St Clair. Boccone is a really good deal. There are also some sushi places in and around St Clair and Yonge, but I haven't tried any of them so I can't comment on them. For dinner you can get good Thai at Thai Magic at Yonge & MacPherson, but I don't know whether they're open at lunch. It's not cheap either. Just south of it is Caffe Doria for light lunch stuff, pannini etc.

    There is no good Indian, Vietnamese or Chinese that I know of in or near this neighbourhood. I'd love to be proven wrong.

    I think that Brownes Bistro is still open at lunch. Avant Gout certainly is. They are both full-service sit down French-inspired restaurants just off Yonge right near Summerhill.

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      It's a high-rent district - nothing is cheap.
      But Boccone (as mentioned above) is by far the best bet. There's a small food mall underneath the building on the NW corner of Yonge and St Clair - not great though. A bit of a hike, but doable, just west of Avenue Road are Le Paradis and Peoples Foods (Dupont west of Davenport). Both are excellent. And I have a soft spot for Avant-Gout - good quality.
      I find Caffe Doria expensive for what you get. Thai Magic is similarly overpriced, and Browne's has gone seriously downhill. There's a Thai at Davenport and Avenue Road - but I haven't tried it. There's also a diner at 1000 Yonge St - but I haven't been for years.

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        I work right in this area too, so I feel your pain Stephanie! We used to have a great diner in our building (right next to CHUM), but sadly, they shut down in the early summer. This area seems to be a wasteland if you're looking for non-pricey, interesting food.

        For your best options, I would head north towards St Clair. I fully advocate the recs. for Bocconi's - it gets really crowded at lunch but their paninis are to die for (try their goat cheese, prosciutto & mushroom). There is also a great little Thai place that just recently opened up, around the corner on St Clair, right next to the Sobey's. It's called "Simply Thai" & they have lots of variety – large lunch specials go for $6-$7.

        There are also the smattering of Japanese places that were mentioned before. My personal fave is Takara Sushi on Yonge (North of St Clair, across from the Shoppers) for their bento box lunch specials that combine a little bit of sushi, gyoza, tempura, miso soup or salad AND a lovely piece of grilled salmon or beef. All this, with rice comes in at well under $10. And they even give you green tea while you wait for them to package everything up!

        You must have noticed "Golden House", the greasy spoon Chinese place close to Summerhill. It was the staple for our office parties, but it's under new ownership recently, and food's really gone downhill in taste. They seem to have tons of variety and specials though, so perhaps I've tried the wrong things. It's certainly worth trying out as long as you can handle the grease.

        If worse comes to worse however, there are always the street hotdog vendors for a veggie dog!

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          Thanks for all the great suggestions everyone. I think I must try Boccone - those pannini's sound great. And I agree with the person who said Cafe Doria is good but pricey - ten bucks for pannini. Sheesh. It's not that I'm cheap but I'm lazy at making lunches so this is a five day a week endeavour.

          I did get some take out from Wiley's on Yonge - really excellent Thai curried chicken but with tax it came to $12.50. My search continues........I shall prevail!

          Thanks everyone, happing eating.

    2. I figure you might like to walk to your destination - but if in real need, I'd hop onto a subway and head to Bloor (only 5 min) and check out a bevy of options - Spring Rolls, Zyng, Green Mango, etc.


      1. hehehe. I guess it's funny now that I think of it, but in my neighbourhood (Weston/401) there is only ethnic food around (minus all the fast food places) I'm having trouble finding a decent sandwich place.....

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          Weston & 401, eh? Have you tried the Somali Pizza on Weston in the strip mall at St Philips. I've been dying to know what a Somali pizza is.

        2. If you walk North one block, there is a small but good Chinese Restaurant - take out reccommended as it lacks atmosphere. Another block north is decent Italian food and 2 quick blocks north will bring you to falafel, Japanese and more decent Italian food. Go south and near the Metro Library on the East side street is a Vietnamese restaurant that used to be pretty good but I have not tried it recently.

          1. f
            Frances in Toronto

            Terroni's is not bad. Italian fare, though not necessarily the cheapest.

            Wiley's is a pub in the Rosedale area that serves up decent food. They have great Thai food for a place that is not considered ethnic. Try here.

            On St. Clair just west of Yonge there should be a Quizno's sandwich place. And there is a Subway just north of St. Clair on Yonge.

            Don't eat at any sushi place on Yonge that is too close to St. Clair (i.e. Takarabune or Sushi Garden). If you are up for a bit of a hike, Sushi Supreme around Yonge&Davisville is the only decent one i've found close by.

            Unfortunately Rosedale & Summerhill area are a bit sparse... go south to Bloor, most definitely, if you can.