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Nov 11, 2003 06:04 PM

News on Royal Angkor re-opening

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I just spoke with Nady (owner of the Royal Angkor) and she has said they will be re-opening in early December. No news on what the new place will be called but when I find out, I will post it on this site. The new restaurant will be located at St Clair and Oakwood (which is somewhere near dufferin). If you are a fan of Thai food, it is well worth the drive!

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  1. great, keep us posted. I can't wait for it to re-open. I am missing the old place.

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    1. re: shanny

      Royal Angkor Thai Restaurant is re-opening this Friday!

      They are opening as:
      Khmer Thai
      1018 St. Clair Ave West (Near Dufferin)
      416 654 0609

      Nady said she'll have all kinds of special things happening this Friday and Saturday.