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Nov 11, 2003 04:00 PM

Pepperberries Bistro - Australian Restaurant

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Anyone been to Pepperberries Bistro? Its an Australian Restaurant in the hamlet of Brooklin (Near Whitby)?


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  1. I had been going to Pepperberries faithfully for the first year and a half that it was open. The last time I went, the food was not as good as it had been previously. Later I heard through the industry grapevine that the Australian Chef was no longer cooking there. A truly sad day indeed.
    The restaurant is small and cozy with a very warm atmosphere. It has a decent wine list and a wonderful dessert menu, all made on sight. I highly recommend the sticky toffee pudding!
    I have never had bad service there however, only once can I say that I had an exceptional waitress, again, she is no longer there. The host (owner?) that sat us found it necessary to visit our table several times during the visit which I found invasive. He knew nothing about his own menu and did not have the personality to be socializing with the guests. I would recommend Peperberries for the food, maybe the new Chef was having an "off" night. Curious to find out if you go. Nadia.

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      Andrew Paterson

      Yes and it's wonderful, the oridginal Chef is a friend