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Nov 11, 2003 03:37 PM

Any good restaurants in Scarborough?

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I am planning to go with a bunch of girls for dinner in Scarborough. Are there any good restaurants? I am not interested in chain restos.

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  1. What kind of food are you particularly interested in? Type of atmosphere? Cosy? Expensive? mid class? etc.

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    1. re: Miche

      Any type of food - veggie friendly preferred. It is going to be a bunch of gals hanging out with food that is reasonably priced and good. Not too picky on the atmosphere.

      1. re: Leah S

        There's a great all you can eat Japanese buffet - Ten ichi on Sheppard, east of McCowan.

        If you're into Peking Duck - i must recommend New Peking on Midland, just north of Finch. Probably the best deal in Scarborough. Banquet-style dinner for 10 including 2 course Peking Duck could run about $10-$15 pp and that includes Tax.

        1. re: Food Fanatic

          Check out the Old Scott House on Progress Rd. They have fantastic food in an old mansion. It's a little pricey but what a fantastic place. If there are enough of you they can reserve you a private room as well.

    2. Bluffers (by Scarborough Bluffs)
      Unbelievable view, by the water
      Food is incredibly well-done - standard continental fare
      Price fairly

      Had my dad's 60th birthday there. Thoroughly impressed.

      Our photos came out great as the late afternoon sun shone through the windows and casted great lighting for family photos.

      1. Yes.

        Ruby's Chinese Restaurant is a great authentic restaurant, and the best deals are the dinner combination menus shared amongst 4-6 people. there is one with Peking Duck and Lobster which is quite good.

        However the ambience is a bit family restaurantish so if you are looking for a more elegant place, this isn't for you.