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Nov 10, 2003 08:38 AM

Cosy, Romantic in Downtown Toronto

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Looking for a new restaurant to try in the downtown area. I am looking for an intimate and cozy place. Tables not too close together. Great lighting. Not extravantly expensive (Susur and Avalon type prices). Interesting dishes.

Any suggestions?

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  1. My husband and I love Southern Accent on Markham Street for romantic nights. They have "snug" boothes with wraparound curtains for that extra bit of privacy. Their website is Their shrimp piquante is an absolute favourite of mine.

    1. This place is a must. Ive been there twice now and the second time I proposed to my then girlfriend/now wife. Ask for the window table.

      Let me know what you think if you go.....

      FOCACCIA (17 Hayden, at Yonge, 416-323-0179) This unassuming boite on a back street near Bloor and Yonge belies the culinary creativity found within. Chef Sam Gassira joins the pantheon of artistes - Patriot's David Chrystian, Sarkis's Greg Couillard - who are shaking the foundations of Toronto's old-guard dining scene. Throw in smooth service and alarmingly low prices and watch the foodies flock. Best: ravioli stuffed with foie gras, lobster and onion with five-spice figs; duck confit salad with scallion marmalade, walnuts and taro chips; potato-crusted and tea-infused smoked salmon with crab and French lentils; pork tenderloin with date pesto, corn cake and creamed Swiss chard; pastry-free espresso cheesecake; superb house-baked breads. Complete dinners for $60 per person ($25 at lunch), including all taxes, tip and a glass of wine. Open for lunch Monday to Friday noon to 2:30 pm, for dinner 6 to 10 pm Tuesday to Saturday. Closed Sunday and holidays. Fully licensed. Access: one step at door, 18 steps to washrooms on second floor. Rating: NNNNN

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        Actually Sam Gassira is no longer at Focaccia. I believe he left in early Oct. and the new chef is someone who used to work at Latitude and Xango (I think - someone please clarify).

        1. re: Dulac

          Pedro Quintanilla?

          1. re: tocondo

            Ummm, what is Pedro Quintanilla?

            1. re: Kimmy

              In response to the post from Dulac (obviously), Pedro Quintanilla is the chef who has worked at both Latitude and Xango and who could now be at Focaccia.

              1. re: tocondo

                Yes thanks, Pedro Quintanilla is now the chef at Focaccia.

      2. Actually I have been to both Southern Accent and Foccacia. I loved Foccacia too. The food was excellent. I tried the duck confit salad....very yummy. Service was superb and a very cozy place.

        1. a
          Alek in Toronto

          Went on a date to SUGAR Cafe on Queen West. Found the nightime ambience very romantic, lit by candles. Very quiet neighbourhood and the restaurant itself is small with about 5 or 6 tables max. Owner Suzanne is very sweet and sincere.
          The food is excellent and well priced for the quality, be advised however that the menu is SMALL. About 4 appetizers and 5 mains - all well prepared in a California-French Style. They used to have a beef tenderloin and blue cheese ravioli to die for - sure do miss that dish.

          This is a great couples place with quiet, sincere and slightly slow service.

          1. You could try getting one of the booths (preferable to the tables against the south wall) at Arlequin on Avenue south of Davenport. The just re-opened under new management. The lights are bright enough so you can see your date, but they are not not overy bright.

            We've only been once so far, but we enjoyed ourselves enough to know we'll be back. 3 of 4 of our dishes were really good. Their seared fois gras was nice and crispy on the outside and butterlike on the inside. Try the accompanyments to the bread too. When we visited they had a really nice beet and horseradish (I think) spread.