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Nov 9, 2003 05:02 PM

Afternoon Tea at Four Seasons or Windsor Arms?

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Hello everyone!
I will be hosting some guests for the UK and would like to take them out for afternoon Tea next weekend. Would appreciate any input in the best place in the city of Toronto for this tradition. Since they are visiting Cost is not an issue - quality is though.
They have already done the Empress in Victoria (too touristy) and Prince of Wales in Niagara on the Lake.

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  1. I haven't experienced it, but I heard that Pangaea serves up afternoon tea quite respectfully. I believe they're closed Sundays.

    1221 Bay Street (at Bloor Street)


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      For a less-than-traditional tea, funky Queen Street West (at Euclid) try the Red Tea Box. Tea includes one of their selection of small estate teas, wonderful pasteries and traditional or asian-themes bento boxes. Think of it as the post-colonial tea room. They have lunch specials during the week, but when I was there last Sunday you could only get their bento teas or selected desserts. (Service was good, but a little snotty.)


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        Alek in Toronto

        Thanks for all the suggestions..
        I have been to Red Tea Box, in my opinion a bit overated and expensive for what you get. The Tea Sandwiches and savoury food is alright but everyone in my group did not enjoy the sweets.
        I gave them a second chance and another time tried out 2 different cakes - nice looking but lacking in the taste department.
        It really is too bad as they have a funky place going on there. I also found the service by the 2 owners quite pretentious.

    2. You may also want to read this excellent review from danbird.


      1. Windsor Arms, definitely. Reservations can be tough, though.

        1. This is a stupid question but when one goes for afternoon tea, how are the portions alloted? Is one served a platter with assorted sandwiches and scones? Can one request particular sandwiches?

          I've always wanted to go for afternoon tea but know nothing about how it's done and do not want to appear a buffoon. I would appreciate any general descriptions and etiquette guidelines etc.

          Thanks kindly!

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            At the Windsor Arms, for instance, here is how it works. You choose which menu you want. Just scones and tea, or the full tea with sandwiches. You can also get the one with sherry. You pick your own flavour of tea and each guest gets their own pot. The pots are refilled with hot water as needed. For the full tea,a three tiered plate comes out with 2 choices of scones-2 per guest, 3 types of sandwiches - 2 per guest, and then ass't desserts - 2 or 3 per guest. The scones come with butter, jam and clotted cream. I am not sure if you can request certain sandwiches. They are all good and usually you can't eat them all anyway. room because after that a bowl of strawberries and cream arrives.
            I think other tea places would be have a similar setup.

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              Thanks so much! That helps tremendously.

          2. f
            Frances in Toronto

            I hear Windsor Arms is excellent. Here is their website. It costs $27 for full tea and $32 for complete tea.