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Nov 9, 2003 01:06 PM

Pumpkin Ice Cream - Toronto

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Looking for Pumpkin ice cream in Toronto from supermarkets. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks! :)

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    Frances in Toronto

    I have never seen it. The only place I can think of which would do something this funky is a gelato house, like La Paloma on St. Clair West, but you should probably call them first. Good luck.

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    1. re: Frances in Toronto

      Hollywood Gelato has an absolutely unbelievable Pumpkin Pie Gelato. It's better than actual PP.

    2. ....has a great pumpkin pie ice cream.

      2224 Queen St. East    Toronto, ON   416 699-6100


      1. I spotted Gelato Fresco's version at my local corner store around Halloween

        1. Greg's makes pumpkin ice cream. I haven't tried it, but in my books he wins with every other flavour, so I would imagine that he has mastered pumpkin too. You can buy any of his ice creams by the litre ($8.99) or half-litre ($5.99). Expensive if you need a lot of it, but with really good ice cream you don't need to serve very much.

          Not sure what the exact address is, but it's on the north side of Bloor St., just west of Avenue Rd.

          1. I love Greg's too. It;'s my favorite. But the flavours change daily. If our poster was set on pumpkin, then he might be disappoiinted....