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Nov 9, 2003 09:25 AM

Downtown Nov. 21 where to eat

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3 couples (40 somethings) Coming for the weekend to TO and don't want to waste any meals in bad restaurants. Last time we ate at Romagna Mia and enjoyed it very much. We are thinking about the Boiler House in the Distillery District. Have read some mixed reviews. Will be staying downtown at the Sheraton. Moderately priced with a varied selection would be good. Willing to take the subway. Like to check out ethnic neighbourhoods - went to Omonia on the Danforth last time. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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  1. Perigee.

    This new restaurant in the Distillery district got a rave review from Joanne Kates yesterday. It's cooking as spectacle -- the chefs improvise your meal from a well in the centre of the restaurant. Sounds great. Pricey, but not as expensive as Susur (the place generally recommended as 'The Place' in Toronto). Anyone actually been?

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      Perigee was probably the best culinary experience I had in this city. Not only is the location of the restaurant amazing (making you feel like it’s the best kept secret only you know about), but the food is absolutely amazing. I went in for a 7 course tasting menu and I can safely say that I was wowed by every course. I understand that all the kitchen staff comes from under the tutelage of Chris MacDonald at Avalon and in my opinion the have surpassed the master.

      The concept of interacting with the chef is truly unmatched and the time just flies by with such a great show as your dinner unraveling merely feet away from your table. Good luck with a reservation though; I had to wait for a week for an open table.


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      Frances in Toronto

      Sassafraz is a very popular restaurant in Yorkville and the quality is consistent and excellent. You can check out its webpage here to see if it suits your tastes.

      happy dining

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        I have to respectfully disagree on sassafraz. it is actually widely regarded as extremely inconsistent and of poor quality, with often oblivious service, if you're not deemed to be presentable enough (I've read many reviews over the years to this effect). I generally avoid negative comments, but I really would not want to see a visitor waste their limited time on a sub-par meal, when there are so many other options.

        Reviews of Sassafraz consistently point out uneven execution of dishes, at times mediocre quality of the ingredients, and discriminatory service. Greg Couillard (sp?) has recently joined the kitchen, but not as a chef, but in some advising, menu development-type capacity. Toronto Star had a substantial review of the place recently, due to his hiring, and found the usual - lack of consistency, some good ideas but not well executed and snooty service.

        It is a place were celebrities hang out when in town, which explains to some extent its unwarranted popularity. But visitors to T.O. can do much better.

        BTW, there is a review of the Boiler House on this website, and I recall it was generally good, although with some complaints. The place itself is spectacular, as is the entire Distillery District, and well worth the visit.