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Nov 8, 2003 03:53 PM


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can anyone tell me what bregman's at young and st. clair is like? is it formal/casual? what's the price range? i need to know this because i have an upcoming breakfast meeting there.


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  1. It's pretty casual. You won't be the only ones in the place conducting a breakfast meeting, that's for sure. I've somehow managed to avoid eating breakfast there, but their sandwiches and breads aren't anything special. Their lunch and dinner pricing below can give you an idea of what you are in for.


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    1. re: mikeb

      Don't eat at Bregman's. There is nothing there that any true hound would appreciate. Food is better at Pickle Barrel.

      1. re: Fwagra

        generally they serve up mediocrity, but their take-out jars of chicken soup are outstanding, rivaling any bubbie's version of jewish penicillan.

        1. re: dan

          I have to agree with all the above, and to add that their cakes are very disappointing -- heavy, overly sweet, and not enjoyable at all. It is very casual and quite popular for sunday brunch -- most likely due to the lack of cheap, good brunch places in that area (or none that i have found -- any recommendations?)

    2. f
      Frances in Toronto

      Bregmans is definitely casual. It is a combination bakery / eat-in diner. In my opinion the food is just a smidget overpriced for what you get, as it is rather plain. Don't expect to be wowed here.