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Nov 8, 2003 06:06 AM

Naan Bread

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Does anyone have a recipe for Naan Bread? Ive tried a couple of version but cant get the chewiness of the ones you get in the restaurants...
A good Vindaloo recipe would also be very much apreciated..


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  1. always better with a tandoori oven, but there are ways to make a decent naan with a regular oven too. unfortunately, i don't know how, since i rely on my mama for that. but if you post your message to the general topics board i'm sure you'll get a decent response.

    1. Hi Anthony, Please repost this request to the General Topics board. The Toronto board is for food discussions specific to food found only in Toronto. You'll have good luck, we think, on General Topics. Hounds from everywhere (with their collective wisdom) congregate there.

      We'll remove this thread, when you've had a chance to repost. Thanks a lot!