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Nov 7, 2003 02:12 PM

Cheapeats near Queen and Jarvis

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Is there such thing? Need to find a place for quick bite during/after work. Everything here seems to be over $10.

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  1. Can't think of anything right at Queen & Jarvis (aside from that Thai restaurant that always seems empty), but have you tried the Florida Tea Room, the diner on Richmond east of Jarvis? Standard greasy fare, but cheap enough, and a mellow place to read a paper with your lunch.

    Or you can walk a bit further to Le Petit Dejeuner on King E.(across the street from George Brown) and have one of their soup & sandwich combos for $6.

    Neither of these places is open after work hours, though.

    1. Mystic Muffin at the corner of Richmond and Jarvis serves some good falafel and veggie plates. Not to mention the owner is running for mayor and is hilarious!

      A little further east on King St. is Zoulpy's Deli. Serves up some tasty smoked meat sandwiches. Never thought I'd find a tasty one in the TDOT.

      And of course not TOO far away is St. Lawrence market with all their yummy vendors. I used to frequent here all the time when I worked at Queen and Church.


      1. There's an South Asian place at the corner of Sherbourne and Richmond. It's behind the gas station. The foods not bad, if it's fresh. One thing for sure is that it is cheap.

        There's also a place at 237 Queen St near Sherbourne that's called Schnitzel Queen. They close early at 6pm so I've never been inside, but it may be worth trying out. If you do go, let us know whether it's any good.