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Nov 6, 2003 03:17 PM

BEST Pizza in T.O

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Where can I get the best pizza in Toronto?

Any other suggestions?


Pizza Pazza


EAT Cafe

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  1. AMATOS!!!!

    They have this one... with mozzrealla (spelling - im VERY tired)... potatoes... and rosemary... and olive oil... oh DEAR GOD.

    But thats just my favourite.

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    1. re: anno

      Calender (sp?) in Little Italy makes a delicious pizza.

      1. re: katie

        the best is the Queen location of Terroni's, try the one with rapini, or the one with bocconcini and anchovies. or the pizza del giorno is usually good.

        i haven't tried their other locations, so i'm not sure if they're as good.

        the star article in the last food section reviewed some old-fashioned restaurants, and the bocconcini pizza at Camarra's looked mightily tasty as well

        1. re: Dan

          I love the pizza at Filippo's on St. Clair.

          1. re: Tina12

            Let's morph this into what the best delivery pizzas are and delivery area so people know if it's applicable to them. I have recently moved to St. George St and last Saturday night I ened up ordering Pizza Pizza because I couldn't think of any shops that were in my area.

            There is a place called Rino Pizza opening up on Dupont which I'll check out and review for those in the area.

            Do the restaurants Cora's(sp?) at Spadina and Harbord deliver?

            I like the pizza at Massimo's on College, fairly near Spadina. Amato's does taste good though but I've learned to stay away from the real bacon(greasy pizza).

            1. re: alsiem

              Peter's Cajun Pizza in Parliament is not traditional and not the best pizza in Toronto by any means, but a good place to order from if you're in the area and looking for an alternative to chains. The spicy sauce on their Cajun pizzas is addictive.

              I ordered from Magic Oven on Broadview the other night and was disappointed. I like thin crust, but the toppings have to stay on, not slide off like an avalanche(due to watery tomato sauce? I dunno).

              Any other suggestions for delivery in this area? I hate, hate, hate resorting to the chains.

              1. re: julesrules

                Bona Pizza on Danforth is good especially if you order their specials (My favourites are the Mediterranean-sun dried tomatoes, spinach, feta and the California-gorgonzola, artichoke hearts, sauteed mushrooms). You're better off sticking with vegetarian toppings. With the exception of sausage, I have found most of the meat toppings dry and disappointing.

              2. re: alsiem

                Yep! Coras and Papa Ceo's both deliver - both very delicious.... and Amatos delivers as well and I think they're worth checking out... Congratulations on your move ... Hope you have lots of delicious pizza in your new place!!

                1. re: alsiem
                  Bill Doskoch

                  I've heard good things about Tony's and Nick's Place (Dundas W. and Dufferin), but haven't tried it myself.

                  In my neighborhood, Bitondo's is good basic 'za, and I also like Regina Pizza.

                  1. re: alsiem

                    If you're on St. George, you may try Papa Ceo's. Way better than PP and my current choice for favourite slice.


                2. re: Dan

                  Wow, Camarra's. I used to go there in High School - no Junior High School many years ago. Never seen a crust like theirs anywhere else. A North (now-mid) Toronto institution that definitely deserves its reputation for one of the best pizzas in town. And as with most restaurants, it is best to stick with their forte.

                  1. re: Dan

                    I have found that Terroni's pizza'a are slipping. The crusts lack salt, the sauce lacks salt and the toppings are thrown own by what appears to be a blind person

              3. 2 PLACES BAR.NONE!!!
                however, they are both in caledon, north of the city if anyone can access them (bramptonites or mississaugians)

                1) airport pizza - airport road in mono road....the greatest pepperonni pizza

                2) caruso gourmet pizza - queen st. in bolton....fabulous gourmet pizza, although very very expensive.....fantastic selection and taste.

                1. Oddly enough, the best pizza I've had is from Whole Foods Market in Hazelton Lanes. They have a take-out section with gourmet pizza freshly-made. I really like the grilled vegetable pizza -- lots of toppings and nice thing crust. Not expensive either. I've been disappointed in recent years by Papa Ceo's, Cora's, Massimo's and Amato's.

                  1. Best= terroni

                    Some homourable mentions for authenticity, affordability and freshness!

                    Brass Taps Dovercourt and College
                    Supermodel Pizza across from revival on College
                    Cafe Diplimatico

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                    1. re: Janine

                      I forgot to mention Cafe Diplomatico in my earlier post, Janine is right, it is good. I actually eat there often, as I also love their pasta, which to me, beats a lot o the more "upper-end" joints on that strip.


                      1. re: Fredster

                        The Dip is really nothing but a patio - it is not a place to go for pizza.

                    2. I might get booed off the board for this, but I have to say that the PC frozen pizza's you can get at Zehrs/Loblaws are some of the best (value) pizzas around. The ham and sweet onion one is a problem for me, mainly because I always eat the whole thing and the bechamel based sauce with all the cheese leaves me feeling so satisfied that I can barely move. I usually add lightly sauteed broccoli, peppers etc to make it more healthy (cause then I can only eat half of it). Other good ones are the three cheese, and the vegetarian, although the feta makes it a little salty. Anyway, greatest thin crust pizza to come out of a freezer, and better than many restaurant offerings. For around $5 it can't be beat.

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                      1. re: willis

                        I love the ham and onion pizza!! I hope they never discontinue that line.

                        1. re: willis

                          Booed off the board? Not at all! There've been discussions on potato chip flavors and buffet restaurants, both of which are extremely low-brow. (The lazy "where's a good place to eat in Mississauga" type questions, now that's something I'd boo.)

                          PC pizza, eh? Must try them. Thanks for the recommendation.