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BEST Pizza in T.O

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Where can I get the best pizza in Toronto?

Any other suggestions?


Pizza Pazza


EAT Cafe

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  1. AMATOS!!!!

    They have this one... with mozzrealla (spelling - im VERY tired)... potatoes... and rosemary... and olive oil... oh DEAR GOD.

    But thats just my favourite.

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    1. re: anno

      Calender (sp?) in Little Italy makes a delicious pizza.

      1. re: katie

        the best is the Queen location of Terroni's, try the one with rapini, or the one with bocconcini and anchovies. or the pizza del giorno is usually good.

        i haven't tried their other locations, so i'm not sure if they're as good.

        the star article in the last food section reviewed some old-fashioned restaurants, and the bocconcini pizza at Camarra's looked mightily tasty as well

        1. re: Dan

          I love the pizza at Filippo's on St. Clair.

          1. re: Tina12

            Let's morph this into what the best delivery pizzas are and delivery area so people know if it's applicable to them. I have recently moved to St. George St and last Saturday night I ened up ordering Pizza Pizza because I couldn't think of any shops that were in my area.

            There is a place called Rino Pizza opening up on Dupont which I'll check out and review for those in the area.

            Do the restaurants Cora's(sp?) at Spadina and Harbord deliver?

            I like the pizza at Massimo's on College, fairly near Spadina. Amato's does taste good though but I've learned to stay away from the real bacon(greasy pizza).

            1. re: alsiem

              Peter's Cajun Pizza in Parliament is not traditional and not the best pizza in Toronto by any means, but a good place to order from if you're in the area and looking for an alternative to chains. The spicy sauce on their Cajun pizzas is addictive.

              I ordered from Magic Oven on Broadview the other night and was disappointed. I like thin crust, but the toppings have to stay on, not slide off like an avalanche(due to watery tomato sauce? I dunno).

              Any other suggestions for delivery in this area? I hate, hate, hate resorting to the chains.

              1. re: julesrules

                Bona Pizza on Danforth is good especially if you order their specials (My favourites are the Mediterranean-sun dried tomatoes, spinach, feta and the California-gorgonzola, artichoke hearts, sauteed mushrooms). You're better off sticking with vegetarian toppings. With the exception of sausage, I have found most of the meat toppings dry and disappointing.

              2. re: alsiem

                Yep! Coras and Papa Ceo's both deliver - both very delicious.... and Amatos delivers as well and I think they're worth checking out... Congratulations on your move ... Hope you have lots of delicious pizza in your new place!!

                1. re: alsiem
                  Bill Doskoch

                  I've heard good things about Tony's and Nick's Place (Dundas W. and Dufferin), but haven't tried it myself.

                  In my neighborhood, Bitondo's is good basic 'za, and I also like Regina Pizza.

                  1. re: alsiem

                    If you're on St. George, you may try Papa Ceo's. Way better than PP and my current choice for favourite slice.


                2. re: Dan

                  Wow, Camarra's. I used to go there in High School - no Junior High School many years ago. Never seen a crust like theirs anywhere else. A North (now-mid) Toronto institution that definitely deserves its reputation for one of the best pizzas in town. And as with most restaurants, it is best to stick with their forte.

                  1. re: Dan

                    I have found that Terroni's pizza'a are slipping. The crusts lack salt, the sauce lacks salt and the toppings are thrown own by what appears to be a blind person

              3. 2 PLACES BAR.NONE!!!
                however, they are both in caledon, north of the city if anyone can access them (bramptonites or mississaugians)

                1) airport pizza - airport road in mono road....the greatest pepperonni pizza

                2) caruso gourmet pizza - queen st. in bolton....fabulous gourmet pizza, although very very expensive.....fantastic selection and taste.

                1. Oddly enough, the best pizza I've had is from Whole Foods Market in Hazelton Lanes. They have a take-out section with gourmet pizza freshly-made. I really like the grilled vegetable pizza -- lots of toppings and nice thing crust. Not expensive either. I've been disappointed in recent years by Papa Ceo's, Cora's, Massimo's and Amato's.

                  1. Best= terroni

                    Some homourable mentions for authenticity, affordability and freshness!

                    Brass Taps Dovercourt and College
                    Supermodel Pizza across from revival on College
                    Cafe Diplimatico

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                    1. re: Janine

                      I forgot to mention Cafe Diplomatico in my earlier post, Janine is right, it is good. I actually eat there often, as I also love their pasta, which to me, beats a lot o the more "upper-end" joints on that strip.


                      1. re: Fredster

                        The Dip is really nothing but a patio - it is not a place to go for pizza.

                    2. I might get booed off the board for this, but I have to say that the PC frozen pizza's you can get at Zehrs/Loblaws are some of the best (value) pizzas around. The ham and sweet onion one is a problem for me, mainly because I always eat the whole thing and the bechamel based sauce with all the cheese leaves me feeling so satisfied that I can barely move. I usually add lightly sauteed broccoli, peppers etc to make it more healthy (cause then I can only eat half of it). Other good ones are the three cheese, and the vegetarian, although the feta makes it a little salty. Anyway, greatest thin crust pizza to come out of a freezer, and better than many restaurant offerings. For around $5 it can't be beat.

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                      1. re: willis

                        I love the ham and onion pizza!! I hope they never discontinue that line.

                        1. re: willis

                          Booed off the board? Not at all! There've been discussions on potato chip flavors and buffet restaurants, both of which are extremely low-brow. (The lazy "where's a good place to eat in Mississauga" type questions, now that's something I'd boo.)

                          PC pizza, eh? Must try them. Thanks for the recommendation.

                        2. Amatto's. Great pizzas. Two locations. One at Dundas and College, one across from CityTV.

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                          1. re: Miche

                            A new Amatto's just opened up at Yonge and Eglinton.

                            1. re: Dulac

                              I work in the Yonge/Eglt area and had not noticed a new Amato's, where would it be? Always need another lunch alternative.

                              1. re: wilson

                                North of Eg, east side of Yonge. Just north of the Pizza Pizza, beside Sunset Grill (across the street from Indigo).

                                1. re: Dulac

                                  Here are a few places I definitely recommend for pizza delivery where you get an old school traditional pizza with a wide variety of toppings, top notch quality and freshness for a good price.

                                  La Lucciola: 965, Eglinton Ave. W 416-781-2609

                                  Bravo Pizza: 901 Millwood 416-425-2500.

                                  A little pricier but amazing nevertheless is Camarra's Pizzeria Ristorante: 2899 Dufferin 416-789-3221. There you can also have an over all very good dinner.

                                  I agree tat Vesuvio is awesome. As for Regina, it's great but I find it pricey (College Street oblige!)

                          2. I've been on a best pizza in Toronto search for a while now, and have ordered from most of the places mentioned on Chowhound.
                            My conclusions:

                            #1 - Vesuvios (Best by far!!)
                            #2 - Roma
                            #3 - Regina

                            Good - Ceo, Coras.

                            Bad - Gigi (heavy chewy and doughy crust) which surprised me, cause they were mentioned a lot.

                            Barely Pizza - Pizza Pizza (If you want this quality, buy frozen from Loblaws for half the price)

                            1. Of the ones you mention I've only been to Marcello's and Terroni (Yonge, south of St Clair). I like them both a lot. I've been to Amatos on Queen and I must have ordered the wrong thing, because I didn't think it was that great. John's Classic on College and Louie's Classic on Yonge (at Sherwood) used to have good slices.

                              One of my secret shames is that I really like eating a slice for a quick lunch from one of the Mama's locations that have a high turnover (ie Yonge & Adelaide, the Metro Ref Library or Spadina & Richmond). Having one of their slices right out of the oven and folded in half can be a great instant meal on the run. It's unfortunate that their pizza does not delivery well. Put it in a box and it turns to slop.

                              1. I don't think anyone's mentioned Il Fornello on King, but they do one of the better approximations of a true Neapolitan thin-crust pizza that I've had anywhere on this side of the pond.

                                1. The best pizza in the city by far is at Via Allegro on the Queensway. Their Pizza Sofia is the closest approximation in Canada I have hadto the amazing Magerita Pizza in Naples. They even import their pizza ovens from Naples. The only thing they could add to make it truly authentic is buffalo mozzarella instead of bocconcini.

                                  1. v
                                    Vinnie Vidimangi

                                    The closest thing to a good pizza in Toronto is Buzzy's in Niagara Falls NY, on Niagara Falls Blvd. a bit before Military Trail if you come across the border. The pizza is superb. We usually have the white pizza. Quite reasonably priced too.

                                    On reflection, we like th ewhite at Marcello's , but it is a Twiggy to Buzzy's Arsala Undress.


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                                    1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi
                                      dennis spadafore

                                      I agree with Vinnie that you have to cross the border to get a truly delicious pizza,but even better than Buzzy's (which is very good)try La Hacienda on Pine just below Hyde Park.As far as the GTA,I especially like the thin-crusted,wood-fired pizzas at Spacco's on Yonge just north of Eglington.

                                      1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                                        I had Buzzy's pizza growing up in Niagara Falls in the 60's. I crave it all the time.

                                        Once on St Patricks Day we had green pizza I've never forgotten that. I live in Texas now and have not come across anything near as good. Please send some our way.

                                      2. What about Dante's in Thornhill, really spicy sauce, tasty toppings, a very (expensive) yet amazing slice!

                                        1. magic oven for me...teh best.

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                                          1. re: cY9H3r

                                            Oh that's good to know...they are opening a magic oven close to me at jones and danforth....I've never tried but will!!!

                                            1. re: millygirl

                                              Apparently people have hit-and-miss experiences with magic oven, especially when ordering. I've always eaten in and had a really nice thin-crust pizza there, so I hope the new one is good!

                                          2. Lil Bacci just opened up at Queen St East and Logan. It is fantastic there, thin crust, yummy tomato sauce and a great selection of toppings. Can't wait to go back!
                                            The new pizzeria place in Leslieville.
                                            Love Terroni's too!

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                                            1. re: murphy2000

                                              I heard L'il Bacci also offers a decent gluten-free crust option. Anyone tried it? Anyone have any other suggestions for gluten-free pizza other than Il Fornello, Magic Oven, and now Pizza Pizza?

                                            2. Where is Terroni's located?

                                              1. absolutely Amico's on Queen west.

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                                                1. re: meowmix

                                                  Pretty simple really:

                                                  Best Pizza is....Dante's in Thornhill. Nothing has ever even been close.

                                                  Best deal for Pizza anywhere. 2 large with 3 toppings (and these Pizza's are large not Pizza Pizza's impression of large). Dominion's. They bake to order in a stone oven. The Pizza is okay.

                                                  1. re: bjinyyz

                                                    I went to the Dante's location in Vaughan. Dante's Hell's Kitchen was the experience. Horrible service and questionable food. Over an hour and no pizza. Customers lined up and complaining and leaving. It took 30 minutes to get my money back. The Thornhill location might be better, but avoid this location at Dufferin and Langstaff. Do not recommend Dante's.

                                                    1. re: wongjef

                                                      Sounds like an off night. We have been to the Dufferin location 3 times for great salad and pizza! No service complaint at all. Great traditional pizza!

                                                      1. re: deelicious

                                                        Dante's is garbage - over-salted, loaded with bitter dried herbs, sloppy and awful, and the price is not just outrageous, it's criminal. The people who love Dante's are the same ones who elect Mandarin the best chinese in the city in the annual SUN poll.
                                                        Avoid this place like the plague.
                                                        Vesuvios on the other hand - love it - simple fresh, real - a great pizza. I also love the Chicago Pizza kitchen in Maple when I'm up that way, but it's hard to order pizza when their authentic Chicago-style italian beef (wet, with giardiniere) is so amazing.

                                                2. Recently I tried the pepperoni pizza from Vesuvio's (in the Junction) after walking by one night and being enchanted by the smell and the sign that read "Toronto's Oldest Pizzeria". We ordered it and didn't know what to expect, but it was a really great pizza, thin crust, delicious & fresh toppings, yum!

                                                  1. vesuvios pizza hands down!

                                                    1. The Amato comments are 6 years old. 6 years ago Amato was pretty good.

                                                      Add Pizzeria Libretto to the good pizza list.


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                                                      1. re: wontonfm

                                                        And Trio. I would also suggest Il Fornaro after trying that last night. Both nice crusts with good toppings from wood-fired ovens. If this thread should live, though. Most of it is out of date.

                                                      2. I've tried a couple of pies @ Mercatto over the past month and they are really darn good.
                                                        If you're in the mood for a pizza with big bold flavours try the "Funghi Misti", I loved it.

                                                        1. My vote goes to Fratelli's Village Pizzeria in Scarborough. I think they are better than Terroni's (and i do like Terroni's pizza as well!)

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                                                          1. re: helen0505

                                                            There's more wood smoked pizza in Scarborough: Calabria Bakery, Thurs. and Fri. only, makes your pizza to order in front of you, $8 to $13 for 12". Just ask for extra crispy, and you won't go wrong.

                                                            Calabria Bakery
                                                            1772 Midland Ave, Toronto, ON M1P, CA

                                                            1. re: jayt90

                                                              I imagine the pizza probably is good, because they make really great take-home fresh pizza dough, for when you're too lazy to make and proof it yourself, BUT their hot-table food is truly shockingly awful.

                                                            2. re: helen0505

                                                              Fratelli's and Calabria FTW!!

                                                              Guildwood Pizza used to be good, haven't had it in years. Anyone know if they're still around?