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Nov 5, 2003 04:32 PM

Help! Need reco. for Saturday night - group of 12

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I just had to cancel a reservation at Crush for Saturday night b/c a couple coming needs to bring their newborn -- with the smoking laws, they can't do so.

As the dinner is in their honour, anyone have suggestions for an entirely non-smoking environment that could accomodate a group that appreciates great food and wine?


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  1. A bit short notice but Susur and Starfish both have private rooms that might be suitable. Susur's backroom is gorgeous.

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    1. re: Dulac

      Edward Levesque and Starfish are perfect -- thanks for those suggestions. Picking up the phone in two minutes!

      I thought of Susur too but there are a couple of non-adventurous eaters in the group.

      Thanks to you both for those suggestions.


    2. Edward Levesque on Queen E. has great food, even if it isn't blindingly upscale. Their room is made up of uninterrupted banquettes, so a party of 12 could sit comfortably together.
      We had a party of 8 a few Saturdays ago, it worked well, we all enjoyed a convivial time and a fine meal.

      Check the link below.