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Nov 3, 2003 03:02 PM

Malhotra's in Mississauga/Oakville

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Has anyone here ever been to Malhotra's Exotic Flavours in Mississauga? Went there the other night and had a great meal.

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  1. Please tell us about it!

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    1. re: Louie

      It's very much a Roadfood/Chowhound place: First of all, it's in an industrial mall in the Dundas/Winston Churchill area, behind the Famous Players and around the corner from Costco. Happily, it's well-appointed inside, and the service is as solicitous as one can imagine. What makes Malhotra unique as an restaurant is that it offers "Indian fusion" food; the chef is happy to venture beyond the same menu every other Indian restaurant offers. We had tandoori spiced snapper fillets that wouldn't have been out of place at any number of restaurants in the GTA, along with a tasty butter chicken and saag paneer. Definitely worth checking out if you live near the area!

      1. re: Mr. Guy

        Sounds tasty. Thanks for the info - will check it out when I'm in the area!

        1. re: Louie

          the friendliest husband-wife owners i have ever met and also the best smelling restaurant ever ... an overpowering dry spice smell .. everything i had was fantastic. asparagus tips curry ...