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Nov 1, 2003 04:03 PM

Fresh cabbage rolls

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OK, I'm giving the President's Choice frozen cabbage rolls a test drive tonight. But I prefer fresh, like Mom (out of town) makes. Where can I buy fresh, tasty cabbage rolls to take out? Tomato sauce is preferred, but brown sauce is OK. If people can provide prices per half and full dozen, that would be cool.


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  1. Try Yitz's Delicatessen at Eglinton/Avenue Road.

    1. If you don't mind going west of centre, step on over to Roncesvalles, starting just south of Howard Park, and concluding about three blocks north of Queen.

      In Roncyland, we expect cabbage rolls to be fresh, and to be sold as made that day. Most every deli sells cabbage rolls, sauerkraut [baked with meat and seasonings], and whatever ready-to-go items they fancy.

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        They also have great cabbage rolls in Bloor West Village at Durie Deli.