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Oct 31, 2003 04:12 PM

the gem on davenport/ossington

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hi there!

does anyone like the gem located at davenport and ossington? i think the food is okayish to good, but i really love the atmosphere -- plus its close to my house and they have good things on tap.

and one of the dishwashers is hot.

what does everyone think??

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  1. The Gem! In the words of Robbie Robertson: "This is sure stirring up some ghosts for me". I used to go there with a couple friends of mine in the late 80's/early 90's. All I recall is the mannequin standing next to the jukebox and stuffing business cards underneath the glass-top tables. It was a great spot - glad to hear it hasn't lost its charm.

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    1. re: Brian

      ... and it is still exactly the same seven years later... love that.

    2. ....not sure...what does the dishwasher look like?

      In all seriousness, I have always been intrigued by that place and keep meaning to go in, but it never occurs to me to go there when I am stepping out. Is it basically a pub/bar, with the typical food to go with it?

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      1. great atmosphere; lousy food but it's really not their thing. it's a bar. i really like it.

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          1. I'll never understand why this joint refuses to clean their taps. I would love to frequent here because it's a great location to meet with friends and neighbours, but I can't support a business that risks the health of their customers. Such an easy thing to rectify, too. Shameful.

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            1. re: snackysmore

              As someone who has readily bowled his way through white truffles,80 year old port and caviar sandwiches (working) and thrived on a steady diet of KeithWaitsKerouacvirtuousity, (off-work), I beg you to leave the sacred, great sanctuary be. It ain't about the food. And beer taps! Their lines are only 2 feet long max. I would know if was a problem. Mere quibbling I think for a beaten soul looking to restore his faith in the disappearing "disgrace" of a real fucking bar. Don't pass it on

              1. re: RobertWeaverstanding

                I agree. I live around the corner, travel a fair bit and I am always so happy a bar like that still exists in Toronto, there are so few left. I don't need to eat there so I don't but the drinks are good, cheap and the staff are awesome. Plus they're nice to kids and supportive of the neighbourhood, it is kind of rare in this city to have all of that.

                1. re: albanis

                  Love the Gem. Great neighbourhood bar.