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Oct 31, 2003 11:25 AM

Globe Article

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Hi guys,

just wanted to let you know Chowhound was written up by the Globe -

both danbird and I were quoted.

I was a little surprised by what I read as a slight implication that I may have poached info (which I would never do), but other than my personal response the article is very good.


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  1. Hi Lex,

    I'm figuring that you're the person that wrote Cheap Eats Toronto. I don't think that using this site for info would be in any way improper. What would be wrong is if an authour never visited the restaurants themselves and reworked reviews posted. I think that your reputation is still stellar.

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    1. re: alsiem

      A note about credit...

      We invite everyone to make use of the information on this site. But if reporters and authors use info gathered from us, we expect credit, per standard journalistic courtesy, as a bona fide media source. Chowhound is not a random public crowd ripe for uncredited "overheard" mining, nor an anarchic Usenet newsgroup. We're a privately owned, actively managed and filtered media source that's attracted and maintained a uniquely savvy fleet of volunteer reporters who provide highly reliable reporting (if that weren't the case, reporters wouldn't be looking to us for info in the first place). The NY Times, LA Times, and many others have set precedent on this.

    2. Goodness gracious.

      i... wow. er. um.

      i didn't expect the article to quote me quite that much... i guess i'd better start organizing some more things for us to do!

      1. Greetings,

        The Globe article brought me to your site. As a food scientist/food product developer/chef in training, I'm very excited to meet people as obsessed about food in Toronto as I am. Finally, some trustworthy authenic reviews that are about the food first, and not about what $$$ wines they serve, or being part of the 'scene'.


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        1. re: Janine

          Welcome, Janine! We're looking forward to hearing about your secret chow finds!