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Oct 30, 2003 03:54 PM

frecklebean cafe on mccaul

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hi there!

i wanted to post and say that i had a lovely lunch at the frecklebean cafe on mccaul at dundas. it was VERY affordable and exceeded my exceptations completely!

the place is so cozy and unique. lots of nice little touches - new art on the walls every month, cute/endearing/comfy decour, nice attentive/casual service and excellent food.

they have daily soup specials (today was curried apple and zucchini) and delicious sandwhiches (i had a toasted brie with delicious roasted veggies) and make a really great cappicinio (spelling?!)...

all in all really great - about $10.00 for a huge sandwhich, hearty bowl of soup and a good coffee.

they also have 5 different types of great/harder to find beer on tap!

anyone else been here?? if not please give it a try!

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  1. The Frecklebean is a great little place. It's my girlfriends favourite. She always has the Warm Greek sandwich. She also loves the coffee.

    John and Tracy, the couple who own and run the place are always friendly. I definitely recommend this place...give it a try...

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      My Disabled friend and I stopped by after viewing the AGO and had a wonderful time with Mr. and Mrs. Frecklebean. So great to have these little owner run places... so much care given... no pretention... exceptional the typewriters and art...wonderful mixture of clientel... hesitant travelers from europe to neighbors down the street all treated with good ole Canadian hospitality ... Don't miss this when in T O

    2. I have been going to the Frecklebean for years! It's great! They're so friendly and the food is always yummy and not expensive at all for how good it is! It's a little nook in the wall! Try the homemade baked goods (the pecan pie is to die for! and my father still talks about the keylime pie he had there!) I also love the original art that hangs there: they change it all the time so it's a different feeling everytime you go! Another bonus: it's close to the uni., the hospitals and the art gallery!