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Oct 29, 2003 10:09 AM

Good Food and Places to Go

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My girlfriend and I are planning on visiting Toronto the week after Christmas (New Years). We are huge food lovers and love to eat all kinds of food. I am looking for recomendations that are a must when visiting Toronto. Italian, Greek, Thai, Seafood, everything!

Overall, if you had to recomend places to a friend visiting the city, what are the places you would tell them not to miss for sure?!

Oh! And what areas should we look for hotels?


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  1. If you like Vietnamese, my family has had great success at Saigon Palace @ 454 Spadina (the old garment district but now the centre of China town). Very unassuming, lots to eat, and very inexpensive. $15-$20 Canadian will fill you up. Add about 6 or 7 dollars for a couple of beers. No credit cards.

    Another place that is more fusion than ethnic but also a good neighbourhood place and reasonably priced is MUSA at 847 Dundas Street. Lively and sort of Bohemian place with good mix of people.

    I would not miss Baldwin Street which is close to the Saigon Place and has lots of interesting places to eat and drink. It is off the beaten track and not known by a lot of people, even Torontonians.

    You are also close to Kensington Market which is a bunch of streets of ethnic food shops, bohemian bars, used clothing stores etc. Lots of fun.

    St. Lawrence Market on Saturday morning is one that you should catch. Have Back Bacon on a bun which is a standard. A few places sell it and you can't miss them. Lots of good food stalls.

    The city should be walked. College Street (little Italy) is fun. Queen West. The Beaches. Lot's of places to eat and drink.

    There is a place up in Korea Town which is on Bloor West that has great Pork Bone Soup. Actually you probably can't miss; there are a number of them and you should just follow the crowds.

    The Astoria Shiskeebob house on Danforth in Greek Town is a busy little spot with good hearty hunks of marinated meet and also inexpensive. Lot of other bars and restaurants in the area where you can camp out after dinner.

    I am happy to get you some detailed addresses if you are interested in any of this.

    Hotels I am not much help with however there is a Quality Inn I think on Bloor at roughly Spadina that is convenient and should be reasonably priced. Good walking from there.

    Tim Runge

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      Hands down!

      Cafe 668.

      At 668 Dundas - just a little bit east of Bathurst...

      South-East Asian - all vegetarian... very inexpensive... probably some of the best food that you'll have in Toronto. I want to describe it but I'm afraid you'll have to see for yourself.

      My favourite place in the city - give it a go!

      1. re: anno

        What if you don't like only vegetarian? Are you suggesting it is greate because it is vegetarian or that it is just good period. Do you also eat non vegetarian food?

        1. re: Tim Runge

          It's great period.

          I'm not a vegetarian, but I love it. The flavours are wonderful, and I'm not talking in a "for a vegetarian restaurant" kind of way.

          Unless you are a "me love meat - me must have meat in every meal" kind of person, then you should have a very enjoyable time here.

          The Summer Rolls
          Eggplant with Black Bean Sauce
          Sweet and Sour Veggie Fish (so cool - layers of beancurd wrapped in nori)

          These are some of my faves, but I've liked almost everything I've tried.

          The owners are so nice too. Very warm personal atmosphere. It can get busy though - but be patient, it's worth it.


          1. re: Chaagy

            Thanks. I will have to try the place!

            1. re: Tim Runge

              Thanks, Tim, for the great recomendations! I'll let you know if I need specific addresses, but I should be able to find them.


              1. re: Brian

                Marcellos for genuine Italian styled pizza and pasta, can be a great wrap for a Saturday afternoon spent in the Corso Italia district of Toronto.

            2. re: Chaagy

              Agreed! Also try the cafe 668 salad - to die for!

      2. How about some inexpensive good lunch spots. Sandwhiches/salads/soups....that kind of thing. Any cool spots?