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Oct 28, 2003 03:10 PM

Chowhounds Get together

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In the Globe and Mail on Saturday, I noticed that Chowhounds get together to search for great new restaurants on a weekly basis. Where would I find out when/where this happens? Is it open to all Chowhounders?

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  1. This would be of interest. How do we find out more about this?

    1. The Chowhound gatherings have only recently started and the next one will be at the Gourmet Food & Wine Show,(Nov 20 - 23). The plans have not yet been firmed up, but below is the link to Dan's last message about the event (he was mentioned in the Globe article - congrats Daniel). You can e-mail him for information and to be added to his list.

      The events have been on a monthly basis, and so far, the group has tried The Ethiopian Village, Dos Amigos, and Rol San (dim sum).

      I will post the links for the first two dinners if I find them.


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        Here's the link for the Dinner #2 at Dos Amigos, which was refered to in the Globe article.


      2. Here's link for the writeup from the Ethiopian Village dinner.


        1. pretty simple. email me :)

          1. Hi Kimmy,

            Folks from all the major boards all over get together to eat all time. It's open to anyone and everyone who love to eat, regardless of whether they post on this board or not. There's no secret handshake or club to join and there's no official organization structure for these events, even in the larger Chowhound communities. Anyone can organize an event by posting an announcement on the appropriate board. It's an informal and decentralized way for chow networking. Hope this clarifies things.