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Oct 28, 2003 11:29 AM

Anyone know a good place for Chinese hot pot?

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I've tried the places where they bring a portable burner to you table and big plates of stuff to put in the pot. But I know there are places where the burner is built into the table. Does anyone have a favourite place to go?

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  1. Hwy 7 and Leslie. Times Square mall.
    There is a good hot pot place at the south west corner.
    It's right beside the entrance to the Times Dynasty entrance.

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      Wicked nice place.. go after 10 pm on weekdays for a discount. The food is fresh and nicely presented.

      Also if you're a late-night foodie...
      try out "taiwan eating corner" at the plaza at Hwy 7 + Kennedy Rd.
      They got hotpot and open till 5am!

    2. One place that left a lasting impression on me was Double Happiness at 599 Bloor St W. (South side of Bloor just West of Bathurst). The burners are not built in to the table, but rather are gingerly carried to the table on order. The hot pot menu is short and simple. You'll find the standerd beef, chicken, and an astonishing seafood hot pot that is well worth the $8 or so they charge. I can recall feasting on a couple of muscles, shrimp, squid and a white fish, among other great things. You also can choose to have it spicy or sweet and with a choice of noodles, if memory serves.