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Oct 28, 2003 10:21 AM

Mid-priced lounge/nightclub downtown

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Can anyone recommend a mid-priced restaurant/lounge and nightclub located in downtown Toronto that isn't too pretentious?

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  1. I quite like Reservoir Lounge which has jazz/blues. It is on Wellington just west of Church.

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    1. re: Kimmy

      Do you think I could take a group of 20 people to Reservoir Lounge?

      1. re: Vivienne

        For sure. I think you would be fine. Make a reservation. It gets crowded.

    2. For a place that's fairly large and has both food and coctails, try the Chocolate Bar on King E (across from George Brown College). It's fairly new, the owner is very nice and the staff are super. There is a DJ and they have a back room that's more lounge than restuarant. Their sweet martinis are delicious.

      If you want to venture to the west-end, where I think everyone should be :), go to the Chelsea Room on Dundas W (I forget the intersection). It's a very low-key interestingly designed space, every night there is a different musical spin (Tuesdays are fun, because local DJs or wanna-be's take over the turntables). They have no real food, however, only frozen dinners to cover the liquor license. Their mixed drinks are good.

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