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Oct 28, 2003 09:47 AM

help - food at university and dundas

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hi there,

i work at university and dundas - lately my co-workers and i are stuck for cheap ideas for lunch. and by cheap i mean... $5.00-ish-cheap?

we have tried the grange (which is great, but not all the time), there is a cute turkish place with cheap pizza ($3.50 for two slices and a drink) but it gets boring after a while... there is good falafel at centre and dundas...

is there any secret i don't know about??

do tell and ill be forever grateful...


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  1. Seem to recall a Chinese joint, one
    block east of University, south side
    of the street, purple sign. Sorry,
    as with most of these places, don't know
    the name, only the location. It was
    recommended to my brother by an
    Asian cabbie (yes, cabbies are reliable
    sources when it comes to affordable good
    food). Anyhow, your standard set up as
    far as the menu goes - only been a couple
    of times, but if affordable's the motivation,
    check it out.

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    1. re: kp

      Sage on McCaul just south of Baldwin is delicious and quite affordable. They have a couple of daily pastas, a pizza, soup, quiche, etc. and a number of different sandwiches. I think pasta and salad is $7.48. The line ups can be long!
      The Saffron Tree is an Indian buffet at the corner of Elizabeth and Gerrard which opened a few months ago and is quite yummy and under $10.

      1. re: Hoagy

        If you like West Indian style rotis, try Coconut Grove at Dundas and Chestnut (just west of Univ Ave). They also have rice and curry dishes, oxtail, Guyanese-style stewed chicken etc.

        Cheap and tasty - lunch incl a drink is $5.

        The link for a NOW magazine review is below.


        1. re: Stranger

          Matagali was good. Good food and affordable. Good palak paneer. I found it in the toronto life guide.

          1. re: Hot Pot

            Baldwin St.
            Go on Dundas west of university st.
            turn up mcCaul and then it will be on your left 2nd block up. It is a true downtown gem.

            On that street is a whole strip of restaurants in a variety of prices. The Pastry Shop, I forget what its called but its on the North Side of Baldwin has really cheap chineese fair. Their beef buns are quite good, and its all take out. That street thrives in warmer months.

            Here is a map link:

            1. re: Sylvia

              A great suggestion, I can't believe I forgot the steamed bun place.

              1. re: Hoagy

                I also recommend the Baldwin strip. There's also a fairly decent food court in the Grange -- there's a good roti place in there too for cheap.

                I wasn't impressed with Indochine (just west of Bay on the south side of dundas i think) -- not very flavourful. even their thai-style iced tea was watered down.

      2. re: kp

        I think this is the one known as Wah Too. Its had good reviews on this board before but I haven't had a chance to try it.

      3. Another great place is Spadina Garden, at Bay and Dundas (west of Bay, north side of Dundas). They have all-inclusive meals for 7.95 plus tax. Try their Spicy Chicken with Peanuts... it's addictive!

        1. I had previously posted a message on New Treasure. It seems to be a pretty dependable choice for dim sum, but you could probably also order off the menu at lunch time.