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Oct 27, 2003 03:54 PM

the grange

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has anyone ever been to the grange food court? it is located between university and spadina on dundas... and they actually have some amazingly delicious/cheapo things!

ie: at the thai place you can get a very filling hot and sour soup (with fresh corriander!!) with a spring roll for under $2.00


i just wanted to know if anyone ever checks out this place... they also have surprisingly good roti...

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  1. Yes, the Grange food court is quite legendary. I used to go there a lot when hanging out on Queen (before the invasion of chain retailers), although haven't been there in a few years. Am happy to hear that it still offers great value, variety and healthier options than the typical food court fare. OCAD students have always bragged about having access to the best food on campus thanks to their proximity to the Grange.

    1. Love that thai place.......their pad thai is greasy but oh so good laden with tamarind. Get it with their grilled chicken spiced with just the right amount of curry and you got yourself one hell of a meal.

      1. I was just there yesterday for lunch! I stopped by urbane cyclist to get some air for my bike tires, and I asked the dude behind the counter where I should go for lunch. He told me "across from OCAD, there's a food court in Village by the Grange which is a lot better than it sounds"

        I took his advice and checked it out. Much to my delight, there was nary a boring chain in sight, except for ugly old MacDonaldos, which still seemed to be attracting a lot of customers (so sad)

        I was extremely torn, but I was eventually won over by some extraordinary looking BBQ pork in the Chinese stall. I have to say, that pork was a freaking revelation! Crispy, sticky and sweet on the outside, moist and tender on the inside... And it came with some noodles which were decent, and some *gasp* actually fresh and crispy mixed vegetables. I got a V8 with is, and the whole thing was like 7 bucks!

        What a catch! I'm going to be frequenting this place more often, I think... but I want to try some of the other places, they all look so good!

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          Helena's Magic Kitchen is good, really healthy food. But I have to admit, I crush that McDonald's on the reg...