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Oct 27, 2003 12:09 PM

Greek resto on Danforth - recommendation

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A bunch of us are planning to go to a Greek restaurant at the Danforth for dinner.

There is one person that is vegetarian.

Can you give me some names of restos that will accomodate both carnivores and vegetarians?


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  1. Pantheon (near Chester subway) is good. Lively, friendly, great selection of Greek wines (most not on the regular wine list), fairly traditional menu but something for everyone. For vegetarians, I'd recommend the various dips that you can order individually or as a combination, best eaten with their fine grilled pitta. Fried cheese, cheese and spinach pies, great gigantes beans and vegetable kebab are other options. Their daily specials probably aren't too vegetarian-friendly (sometimes there's a bean soup) but they're very authentic in a long-cooked way.

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      Mezes -best restaurant on the strip.

      1. re: Ford

        I like Mezes- their skordalia is very good, and as I remember they have a pretty wide range of vegetarian mezes that could easily make a meal. They tend to be pretty crowded, though.

        1. re: lissar

          I would definitely go to Mezes. Very friendly staff and the food is very good