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Does anyone know of a coffee subscription service?

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I just read about this site in the globe and mail, and thought I would call on the collective expertise of you chowhounds . . .

I am trying to find a coffee subscription service---one of those services that will send you a different gourmet coffee to try every month---and so far, am unable to find one that ships to Canada. Can someone recommend one to me?



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  1. Try the Merchants of Green Coffee, they have a monthly subsription service where they send you 2lbs of coffee a month and I believe if you sign up for 12 months you get a free coffee roaster. I like going into their store and looking at the produce. They do tasting there also.

    Link: http://www.merchantsofgreencoffee.com

    1. I highly recommend Detour Coffee. They are local (Burlington/Dundas) and they roast coffee for Dark Horse as well. I particularly like their Punch Buggy and Dark Horse Espresso roasts.


      1. We tried Coffeecology (https://www.coffeecology.com/) for about a year. Their selection is small (less than 10 varieties) because they focus on fair-trade, sustainable and organic coffees. They deliver in reusable glass Mason jars (our delivery person used a bicycle!) that you leave on your porch to exchange.

        At first, we tried a regular delivery every other week, but our consumption is irregular, so that I would have a huge excess of coffee some weeks, so we eventually cancelled it. You are able to change which coffee you receive, or postpone a week, but you have to give about a week's notice.

        A couple of years ago, we received a gift of monthly coffee delivery from Dark City Coffee (http://www.darkcitycoffee.com/). We were able to select a different coffee each month. They have quite a range of beans to choose from, and they only roast to order.

        1. There's Social Coffee and Pilot Coffee. Both will do subscriptions.

          1. JF,

            Parachute Coffee is exactly what you're looking for. The top canadian roasters (pilot, detour, social, pig iron, sense appeal, propeller, etc.) and their best coffees featured each month on rotation and shipped to your door cheaper than anyone else. No tax and free shipping across canada.

            Come check us out! (www.parachutecoffee.com


            Or if you have any more questions e-mail me personally!
            - Jake