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Oct 27, 2003 12:02 PM

Does anyone know of a coffee subscription service?

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I just read about this site in the globe and mail, and thought I would call on the collective expertise of you chowhounds . . .

I am trying to find a coffee subscription service---one of those services that will send you a different gourmet coffee to try every month---and so far, am unable to find one that ships to Canada. Can someone recommend one to me?



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  1. Try the Merchants of Green Coffee, they have a monthly subsription service where they send you 2lbs of coffee a month and I believe if you sign up for 12 months you get a free coffee roaster. I like going into their store and looking at the produce. They do tasting there also.

    Link: http://www.merchantsofgreencoffee.com

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        1. I highly recommend Detour Coffee. They are local (Burlington/Dundas) and they roast coffee for Dark Horse as well. I particularly like their Punch Buggy and Dark Horse Espresso roasts.


          1. We tried Coffeecology (https://www.coffeecology.com/) for about a year. Their selection is small (less than 10 varieties) because they focus on fair-trade, sustainable and organic coffees. They deliver in reusable glass Mason jars (our delivery person used a bicycle!) that you leave on your porch to exchange.

            At first, we tried a regular delivery every other week, but our consumption is irregular, so that I would have a huge excess of coffee some weeks, so we eventually cancelled it. You are able to change which coffee you receive, or postpone a week, but you have to give about a week's notice.

            A couple of years ago, we received a gift of monthly coffee delivery from Dark City Coffee (http://www.darkcitycoffee.com/). We were able to select a different coffee each month. They have quite a range of beans to choose from, and they only roast to order.