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Oct 26, 2003 09:25 AM

Life After Tournayre

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Took advantage of a rainy morning to explore other options en famille in the wake of Tournayre's closing.

BONJOUR BRIOCHE- This was always a favorite. We just came to prefer Tournayre. Good crosisants, nice pain au chocolat and a fine assortment of savoury goods, like a tomato, goat cheese basil tart. Crowded, but friendly.

RAHIER- First visit. Very disappointed. Atmosphere a bit "Soup Nazi", and all 3 types of croissant sampled were nicely flaky but lacking in real flavor or depth.

FLEURDELYS - Bright, (almost TOO bright),cheerful, not very crowded. Excellent almond croissants and sugared brioche. Alas, no Savouries.

What I miss most about the departure of Tournayre is the fact that their wonderful quiches were always available in the AM. (The pear, bacon, blue cheese will haunt me.....)

I think we will happily return to Bonjour Brioche, while still lamenting the passing of Tournayre. Maybe they will surface somewhere else....???????

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  1. Try Pain Perdu on St. Clair W. at Rushton, just west of Christie -- very good croissants, outstanding lemon tartes and definitive gateau basque. The quiches are OK, best seems to be Lorraine and an onion/olive tarte. It's small, so you won't find everything available first thing in the morning.

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      Don't forget Senses, they have very good croissants/ brioches and such, and their pastries are first class. The service is very good too...


    2. I too mourn the recent loss of Tournayre - not just the food but the bustling atmosphere and spoken french over brunch on a Sunday morning - in a space so cramped you couldn't help but meet others of the same creed.

      I understand the owners also owned the building and considered purchasers on the basis of their plans.

      The sign in the window indicates that a Viennese version of the former business will be appearing soon.
      The former owners have retreated back to France - I can only thank them for the brief and genuine respite they brought us from the similar but more mundane efforts in Toronto.

      1. I like Clafouti, which is a few doors down from Chippy's @ Bathurst and Queen West. Never been disapointed there. Last I remember the have, butter croissant, chocolate, fig, cinnamon, chocolate almond.. maybe a few more i can't remember.