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Oct 26, 2003 08:14 AM

Crispy Duck Pancakes

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Does anyone know of any establishments that serve Crispy Duck Pancakes?

They are a favourite in the UK. The closest we have found is the Peking Duck. Its similar but not the same. With the Crispy Duck pancakes they do cook the whole duck to the point where the meat itself is also crispy and then the meat is shreaded at your table by the host with 2 forks. You then assemble the pancakes yourself, similar to Peking Duck, with cucumber, spring onions and topped with Hoi Sin sauce. So you actually get the meat as well as the skin to put in your pancakes.

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  1. I wish i knew... i had crispy duck pancakes exactly as you just described them at a restaurant on the Kings Road in London many times, and would love to know how to find them here.
    Donna Hay's cookbook has a recipe for them (i think -- can't quite recall which cookbook now)