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Oct 23, 2003 11:18 AM

Review: Remodeled Salad King

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I went to the revamped Salad King yesterday for lunch and they’ve still got it. There was still a line up and I don’t think that groups can expect any better seating options (few and far between) until the upstairs opens. However, being by myself they fit me in quickly. I thought that they were using benches running along the stainless steel communal tables but they do have individual unbacked seats.

I found the meal less harried than before, it was always too crowded and you were constantly fighting for a seat in the last set up. How many times did people jump into my table when I went to get my food before? Now they take your order, deliver the food and when they come to pick up the bill they have change so you don’t have to wait too long. My server was fast and efficient which is what this place is all about. The food is still great but you will be sitting among strangers, this is not a good place for leisurely meal among loved ones. This is a good cheap nosh and back on your way.

I had a pineapple chicken for something new and it tasted good with a five chili kick even though this is traditionally a mild dish. The food portions may be even larger than before. There has been a slight price creep, maybe 50 cents. Most dishes are still $6.95 / $7.50 range. With improved service, you tip now but the meal was still $10. The space is vastly larger (twice as many seats) and there seems to be a dedicated take out counter. Think Caban for the décor.

The Salad King was drowning under its own success before, I usually limited my visits to strange hours but its now doable during lunch hour. Check it out but they won’t miss your business if you don’t.

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  1. I love Salad King now and always have - but one thing that I really hated was that I went by myself and they placed me within a group of 5 people as opposed to somewhere that I could enjoy a little more privacy.

    ONE cool thing - they have portable debit machines allowing you to get out of there quickly - which is cool...

    I am always amazed at how good their food actually is -and how spicy they make it (im always underestimated!)

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      i too was glad that the quality of the food remained the same post-reno. the portions, however, are somewhat smaller.
      i haven't decided yet how i feel about the new decor. i was quite fond of the hole-in-the-wall look. still, their spicy tofu rules.