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Oct 21, 2003 07:19 PM


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My old fave pizza delivery place has changed hands and the Quality has gone downhill(I wont mention the name to protect the guilty) Any Ideas for a Pizzeria in the cabbagetown/south of bloor area . After 15 delish years I must move on.

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  1. Oh come on. Spill. That's what this board is for isn't it?

    Valley Pizza has always been a favourite. Luciano's is great (a little pricier) and Magic Oven is pretty consistent too (although they can take a while to deliver).

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    1. re: Markaroni

      Bona Pizza on the Danforth delivers to Cabbagetown and they have very good pizza. Lots of great toppings and delicious sauce. Much better than Luciano's (and you don't have to deal with the annoying waiter).

      1. re: Hoagy

        Amato's is great quality and service not sure on the specs

        1. re: Keith

          1. Vesuvio's
          2. Gigi
          3. Roma
          4. Amato

          Any of those 4 and you have the best Italian style pizza in the city!!

          1. re: Johnny

            I can only recommend the veggie ones, but here are my Amato faves:

            Lucille/Patate alla Creme - creamy sauce, mozzarella, onions, chunks of potato and rosemary - a little dash of salt and this is carb heaven

            Spinaci - I'm not a spinach fan, but this is so good -light, cos the only cheese is feta, with spinach, pesto, green onion and roasted red peppers. Delish. But don't buy it by the slice in the store - reheating makes the spinach crispy.

            Primavera - sardo cheese and diced veggies in olive oil - eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers...

    2. What about in the west end? I live at Queen and Dufferin and have yet to find a good pizza delivery place.

      1. The best pizza in the city (in my opinion) is Papa Ceo's located at 645 Spadina. I think their delivery radius is kind of small so you might be out of luck. However, it is well worth the trip down there if not for anything but its fun names.

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        1. re: Life of PIE

          A favourite after-bar, and Friday night delivery option in our house! FANTASTIC - they are not charmers on the phone but they will get you some of the craziest pizzas ever. I would recommend actually going in for a slice before calling to gotta see the pizzas to understand them! I think you will be in luck - i used to live bathurst & st. clair area and they'd deliver...