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Oct 21, 2003 01:28 PM

Canadian/Local Food?

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Hi, we're visiting your fair city this weekend and looking for restaurant recommendations. Specifically, I am looking for any kind of cuisine that I can't find at home, which is New York City.

I'm sorry if this sounds naive, but is there such a thing as "Canadian" food or is Toronto renowned for some other ethnic food that isn't prevalent in NYC?

My knowledge of Canadian food products ends with maple syrup and oka cheese.

Any price range is ok, but not looking for a dress-up restaurant (no tie wearing on vacations!).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. As a person who recently moved to Toronto from NYC, I think I can pretty much say that there is little (if anything) you will find in Toronto which you cannot get in NYC. However, I think the Korean food in Toronto is very good, even better than Korean Town / 32nd Street (I'm of Korean descent so I have a pretty good idea of what Korean food should taste like). If interested in Korean food, I would avoid the "old" Korean area on Bloor Street and head north to Yonge Street between Sheppard and Finch.

    The other thing I've had since arriving here that I never saw in New York is curried crab at a Vietnamese restaurant called Saigon Star. You'll need a car to get there but well worth the trip.

    As for high end food, there is nothing I've had in Toronto thus far that can hold a candle to March, Union Pacific, Ilo, Jean Georges, etc. Good luck.

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      I live in NYC and have been to March, Jean George Babbo etc...try SUSUR if you want something that blows them all away...far less boring as well...Also nice to have a big name chef that actually is present in the kitchen rather doing some TV show or openning another location in their commercial empire

    2. How about St. Lawrence Market: go to Carousel Bakery and get backbacon sandwiches

      As for "ethic" food/Canadiana, I've heard about "Canoe" which serves caribou and other First Nations chow (see link below)

      1. As stated, you may not be able to find anything here that you can't in NYC. Like NYC, Toronto is very, very multicultural, so you will be able to find cuisine from around the world. As for Canadian Traditonal in Ontario, well, it's pretty similar to the U.S. Give Canoe a shot. To tell you the truth, Quebec has a bit more of a "local" fair. Then again, if you have Tourtiere and Poutine together make sure you have a defibrillator near by.