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Oct 20, 2003 06:16 PM

Senior's Steakhouse. Anyone been?

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I've passed this place hundreds of times (On Yonge, just south of St. Clair). I'm taking out a steak loving friend for dinner. Been there? What's it like?


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  1. Senior's is a fine place to enjoy a succulent steak, loaded baked potato and genial service from Eddy and his son Costa, all at 2/3 to half the price of the downtown palaces. There are no frills, just a cozy room. Not a lot of choice for appetizers and desserts...but great garlic toast they'll keep coming if you ask, an included tasty house salad, and a few basic desserts of which creme caramel is my favorite. A meagre wine list occasionally supplemented by a few random purchases - they had a decent Amarone at only $40. In other words, for a get-together with friends, an evening you want to eat a good steak but to wear jeans, dining alone with a book - it's great !

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      It's a great 'local' place. Not where you'd go for a business dinner.
      John hit the nail on the head.
      And downstairs (more of a diner) you can get an 8 oz steak for under $10 until about 8:00pm (closing time depends on when the last customer leaves).

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        try to get them to bring their onion ring's up from the diner below. Rum and coke legendary here.