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Oct 20, 2003 01:29 PM

Windsor Arms Tea Invite to Chowhounders

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Hello to all,

Just to remind you that some Chowhounders are working on getting together for an elegant Sunday afternoon social tea -- tentatively set for November 2nd, but subject to change if necessary. We're planning to go to the cream of the crop, Windsor Arms Hotel in downtown Toronto. Full tea with tax & tip will be around the $35 mark, so it's not cheap, but worth a try at least once in your life. -- Especially for the Tibetian Tiger Tea -- vanilla mixed with chocolate, carmel & butterscotch...yumm! So far, we've got a group of five, but are open to more guys & gals who are interested in joining us. Drop me a line at


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  1. Did this already happen, or is it yet to be?

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    1. re: julie

      happened yesterday :)

      there's a link below to my review :)