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Oct 19, 2003 07:01 PM

french and moroccan

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I am interested in hearing about the best restaurants or bistros in Toronto that offer authentic French cuisine and also Moroccan : coucous. Not both together, necessarily. I think I was at a place called La Paradis once. Does it have an outdoor patio?

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  1. I've included a link below to a previous reponse to a request for Moroccan food. I agree with the response though - Boujadi is not all that its cracked up to be. The owner/server is extremely charming, and the atmosphere is a lot of fun (i.e. on occassion, the owner's dad starts playing music after dinner). However, the food, although quite good, is not as flavourful as I have experienced at other middle eastern restaurants.


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      Vinnie Vidimangi

      Try Lakasbah on Bathurst north of Lawrence. It is a labour of love of an upper middle class Moroccan husband and wife team. Have the husband who works the front steer you to what is freshly made. It is excellent and makes Boujadi seem childish.
      A very intersting Moroccan style decor. Reasonably priced- and in the Entertainment book.

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        I tried to make a reservation for 4 at Boujadi at 7pm on a friday night. What is it with the service industry in Toronto? The person who answered the phone was so rude that I questioned him as to whether he wanted our business or not... "it's your choice" was the response, and he hung up the phone..
        Certainly hope the food makes up for the service!!!