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Oct 15, 2003 01:29 PM

Diners/Cafeterias in Richmond Hill

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Does anyone know of any great out-of-the-way diners/cafeterias in Richmond Hill that serve greasy spoon fare and have a cozy atmosphere?


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  1. You described this place to a "T"

    It's at the Northeast corner of Bayview and Elgin Mills......there's nothing else you can't miss it!!!

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    1. re: Goober

      do you know the name of this place? thanks

      1. re: kornheiser time I'm in the area, I'll note the name.

        1. re: Goober

          The place is called Galaxy Diner. Its a great place. The last time that I went there, I had an awesome swiss mushroom melt burger with fries and a huge Coke for under $10! Although their fries are of the frozen shoestring variety, I still enjoy them. Try the floats - my favourite is a vanilla Coke with vanilla ice cream.

          1. re: Karim

            I passed by today........I think the Galaxy diner is somewhere else.........the one at the Northwest corner of Bayview and Elgin Mills is simply called Bayview Diner.

            1. re: Goober

              The Galaxy Diner is on Yonge Street, around Elgin Mills. I went a couple months ago. It was alright. I think people go more for the atmosphere than the food.

              1. re: SaladKingFan

                I used to go to school right in that area. The diner at Bayview and Elgin Mills used to just be called restaraunt (like the one in Seinfeld), but has undergone a managment change. The food used to be much better (for a greasy spoon). Galaxy diner is fun but the food is pretty bad (except floats and malteds). The bonus is you get a TV in your booth so you don't even have to talk to the people you go with. Isn't consumer culture great!

            2. re: Karim

              Sorry about my mix-up in the diners before. You're right - Galaxy is at Yonge/Elgin Mills. If I recall correctly, the name of the place at Bayview/Elgin Mills is called Baymills, or something like that. The name is a combination of the words Bayview and Elgin Mills.

              If you go though, please post a review. I'd be interested in checking the place out.

        2. re: Goober

          sorry....there's a mistake there.......the place is at the Northwest corner of Bayview and Elgin Mills

        3. The restaurant everyone is referring to on bayview and elgin was called bay mills diner and is no longer that same fare - now its an egg place or something or other. On elgin just west of bayview theres a lil greasy spoon with a private bar in the back called BIG DADDY'S that has a quiet cozy canadian restaurant type feel to it. You know those old greasy spoons our parents used to take us to? this would be it.

          In addition there is always Galaxy restaurant on Yonge just south of elgin mills - in the WInners/No Frills/Baskin Robbins plaza - if you see Wendy's Hamburgers you are there. THis place has amazing shakes and a really great chicken ceasar salad - you pay 10 bucks for it but definitely worth it.

          THen theres always King Henry's Arms on Yonge Street/16th avenue in the plaza beside Mc Donalds. EXCEPTIONAL food - british pub/sports bar type environment - different daily specials that ARENT on the menu - and if you like prime rib with mashed and real mixed veggies and actual Yorkshire Pudding - this is the place for you on Friday and Saturdays. It cant be beat!

          1. Three coins at Yonge and Major Mackenzie is good, especially for breakfast!

            Wimpys at Elgin Mills/Leslie is a chain, but this location is quite good.

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            1. re: Wil

              I will have to try Three Coins after reading so much about this place. I work up the street from it and a few of my colleagues have looked at me like I have lost my mind when I suggested that we visit Three Coins - they think it's nasty in there haha.
              Thanks for the suggestion - will try to convince someone to come with me!