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Oct 14, 2003 06:41 PM

Best Toronto Eats

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I and a friend will be attending a conference in Toronto from Thursday, 16 October, until Monday the 20th. What should we not miss? What are some personal faves? We're lodging in Yorkville.

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  1. Yorkville is pretty upscale and the chow side of Toronto is very ethnic, so you’ll be playing it safe unless you’re prepared to travel a little.
    However, having said that Le Paradis (a bistro) is about 10 minutes walk (via Avenue rd north and Davenport west) and is well worthwhile. Also on Bloor, just west of Avenue Rd is the Vietnamese Pho Hung – well worth a visit.
    Yorkville is a minefield – more glitz than substance. But Truffles at the Four Seasons Hotel is perhaps the best all-round choice (if you’re on an expense account).
    There are hundreds of restaurants in the area – narrow it down a bit – give us styles and price range for more suggestions.

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      Thanks for your reply. We're academics, so not v. well off. One of us, not I, doesn't like seafood or Japanese, other that that we're pretty open. Less expensive (maybe even cheap) good eats are what matters.

      Thanks again,


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        I stand by the two I recommended before (Le Paradis and Pho Hung). To find others you'll have to travel (using the subway/bus is easy and safe).
        As a starting point, look at the link below (and follow the discussion if you have time). All of the recommendations should be within your budget.


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          Is Pho Hung the place *on the second floor* by Greg's ice cream? Just to clarify the location for an out-of-towner... I agree it's a good spot.

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            Yes, that's the one.

    2. Hi There..I just ate and reviewed a restaurant in Yorkville area, La Exceptional food and service, Not that bad price wise....Im sure you wont be sorry..Enjoy!!