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Oct 11, 2003 09:13 PM

Steak Frites

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Went there for dinner the first time tonight, using one of my stack of Amex Rewards which, since useless for Aeroplan points, are good for Hy's and movies !

Reservationist was a trifle snotty - I asked for table at 7:00 pm; he said "we could fit you in at
6:45." Arrived 5 mins late to find a near-empty room. It did fill up around 8:00, however.

Our waiter was on his first night, and, he said "in training." Service seemed to be amongst three or four different young men, pretty good (water and wine glasses refilled) until dessert when it collapsed.

Starters: White bean soup was apparently good; I had an agreeable if not memorable spinach salad with walnuts and raisins in a fruity vinaigrette.

Main courses: Both had steak with frites and peppercorn sauce. About 8 oz, served sliced, cooked medium rare as ordered, delicious spicy sauce already on in adequate amount, no whole peppercorns - fine with me - and delicious fries. Side of mushrooms my friend pronounced AOK.

Watery cappucino and adequate coffee. Long wait for both.

Desserts: "tiny" choc mousse lived up to its menu description in size but was creamy and tasty. Sticky toffee pudding not highly flavoured except for sugar.

Bill presented correctly; ie, we were only charged for wine - to my surprise not even for the extra veg...could be a mistake on new waiter's part.

A pleasant, casual place - good food overall. Would go again cheerfully.

Any other hounds have experiences to report ?

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  1. Went last Spring with a few friends.
    Very pleasant, and my peppercorn steak was rare, which was exactly the way I ordered it.
    If you don't like to see what you are eating, raw, in advance, and are turned off by Morton's as we were, you will enjoy the lighter touch of Steak Frites.
    Our servers were on the edge of being "too good".
    We were asked more than once if we were enjoying our meal
    We are not steak house diners, but the room is comfortable, and the food is good.
    I do recommend Steak Frites

    1. Beware the 'Special Upsell' at this place. Their nightly specials are SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive than their regular items - and they don't tell you the price unless you ask.
      I HATE this practice. Got burned once about 15 years ago so I now always ask prices. Here I had to ask again after each item - the server didn't get it after the first request, and we both felt uncomfortable.

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      1. re: estufarian

        Sorry, got this placed confused with a neighbour. When the former restaurant at the Steak Frites location closed (Pronto), the staff moved to a different restaurant called Across The Road (literally) and Steak Frites replaced Pronto. My 'specials' experience was at 'Across The Road'. I haven't eaten at Steak Frites.

      2. I have been a couple of times. First time was good. Steak was medium rare as requested. Staff was friendly and helpful. However, the second time, found the steak too marbled and chewy. Was a little surprised. Will go again for a third time to see if second time was the exception rather than the rule.