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Oct 7, 2003 08:14 PM

Weber's Burgers. Yum.

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This past weekend i had to travel up north (way, way, way up north) for a function with my boyfriend's family. On the way up, we stopped at that constant of cottage country, Weber's Burgers.

As the man said in that movie, "That *is* a tasty burger!"

Plain unseasoned beef patty, simply charbroiled until just barely cooked. Delicious.

Chocolate milkshake that was so thick it only escaped being called ice cream because it was served with a straw, and not a spoon.

Delicious and perfectly golden french fries.

i urge you all to make the trek to Orillia for a burger before they close for the season.

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  1. We went camping in Orillia in July, and one of the first things we thought of, was that we could finally try one of these infamous burgers at Weber's. I must say, we were extremely disappointed. Not only did we have to wait an exceedingly long time for our food, when we finally got it, we didn't think the burgers were worth the wait.

    Maybe we caught them on an off day, but I wouldn't go back. I still prefer Golden Star burgers.

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    1. re: KarenK
      Mississauga Matt

      I have to agree - I think Weber's is overrated.

      1. re: Mississauga Matt

        I third this opinion.

        After having a Weber's burger - I was bewildered at the mystique that this place garners. The burgers were unbelievably average!


        1. re: Mississauga Matt

          i was not impressed with the food. it mos def does not live up to the hype. the burgers well, i wouldn't say they 'sucked', but they did not impress me. although i was very impressed with the operation. the line up was at least 20 customers deep (each one ordering for a family) and we got in and out in less than 10 minutes. other than that, i'd pass although they do have a nice eating area out back w/the trains and all.

          1. re: Mississauga Matt

            Well, I must say that I sadly agree.
            When I first started going up to Bala with my friends, around 1982,Weber's was pretty decent. The smoky fries were great and the shake was great. Now, I think they've skated on their rep a bit much.
            Now, if I stop, it's for the tradition, not the quality.


          2. re: KarenK

            The quality of the burger is not what it was, say, 10 years ago. But I still think it's a great burger, largely attributable to it's simplicity in method. At least that's the appeal for me. I don't like burgers with a bun 3 times the size of the patty (and your face), and with all kinds of other fancy distractions in it. And of course, burgers are all too often cooked improperly at most places. This is a no-frills, but damn tasty burger.

            I think they're pretty good for timing considering the monstrous line-ups they have. They usually get to taking your order when you're about 0.5km down the line, and the line moves pretty quick.

            1. re: KarenK

              You have to be kidding!! Webers Food SUCKS!! 20 yrs ago they were OK, But now, you have to be REALLY hungry to eat what they call a hambuger. It was a cottagers stop, a rite of passage to stop there..The only reason I stop there now is to use their bathrooms!!

              1. re: Eli


                i was very impressed with the burgers there. they were, if you'll pardon the phrase, the very essence of burgerness. grilled, no seasoning, nice soft bun. simple and perfect.

              2. re: KarenK

                really? we lined up, they took our order in line and we paid... from parking the car to sitting down and eating our burgers was no more than 5-7 minutes.

                1. re: KarenK

                  The last time I was there it was nothing special...I guess people go there for the "tradition", more than the burgers. I wonder how much more $$ they've raked in since the bridge went up...ans the expansion of restaurants. Didn't feel like a burger before flying last time, but they are in Pearson.

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                  Vitus Carbon

                  I must say that I am both excited and disappointed by the information about Weber'. On one hand, I love the thought of a plain grilled patty that is juicy (what is with Toronto and the crap they put into burgers then cook them until they are like hockey pucks making sure to press them flat to make sure every burger is bone dry?) On the other hand, it is distrssing to find out th eburger in question is so far away and that it seems to be inconsistent. Anyone who knows of a place that makes burgers in Toronto that are not overcooked, are still juicy and not seasoned with anything other than the condiments you put on afterwards, please post the name and location. I just moved here from NYC and I'm very much missing the Corner Bistro burgers there.

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                  1. re: Vitus Carbon

                    There was a thread about the "best burgers" in TO.

                    I don't know if they're the best......but I still
                    like Johnny's on Victoria Park Ave., South of Sheppard Ave. East (in Scarborough)

                    You can take the 401 east, exit at Vic Park, head north, on the right hand side just before Sheppard.

                    Small building with lots of orange


                  2. m
                    Mississauga Matt

                    For those who want to see what it's all about ...


                    1. Weber's is indeed an institution. A burger from Weber's has got to be one of the best thing to eat when you're driving between Barrie and Muskoka. When you get north of Orilla and you are hungry, Weber's is a great place to stop. At that point they will have great burgers. Granted it was more fun to go there when there was no bridge, but when you are hungry or you have a car full of kids it is a great, and usually very quick, experience.

                      Would Weber's do as well if it were in Toronto? I don't think so. Their burgers may be good, but they wouldn't be the best in this city. Mind you, Johnny's does well, so anything is possible.

                      Part of their success is their location. I think they do well where they are, because the pickings seem a lot less slim when you're driving on Hwy 11. (Note to local people I did say "seem") Most people do not get off the highway. Weber's by far looks and tastes a lot better than anything on that stretch of road.

                      I used to drive up Hwy 11, but now I don't get up that way anymore. In fact I don't think I've had a Weber's burger for six years, but I can tell you the next time I do go up Hwy 11 and I'm hungry at Barrie, I'll hold it until I get north of Orilla.

                      And to anyone in the know, if you know somewhere better, please post it.

                      1. By the way, there's a Weber's at Pearson's Terminal 2. I ate there a couple of times and found it not bad for airport food.